Hacked New Zealand cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia


2-41-600x337 Hacked New Zealand cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia

Cryptopia cryptocurrency exchange has been hacked and the exchange has been suspended. Announcement was published on January 15 on the official website of the exchange on Twitter.

On January 14, 2019, a hack occurred on the Cryptopia exchange, which led to significant losses. After the security staff discovered the security breach, unscheduled maintenance of the system began. At the same time, we began to assess the damage done.

The official amount of damage was not disclosed. However, 43 hours ago, an ETH transaction occurred, as a result of which 19,390 ETHs were transferred from the Cryptopia wallet to an unknown address. The cost of translated ethers is just over $ 2.5 million. Cryptopia Hacking is the first hacking exchange in 2019. New Zealand police are investigating a hack. The exchange reported this to the police and handed over all documents regarding the hacking.

And the market, as is usually the case in such cases, reacted with a fall in cryptocurrency rates.

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