GOPAX Exchange: Overview, Registration and Reviews


Exchange Description GOPAX

GOPAX is a fast, reliable, technology-oriented cryptocurrency exchange from Streami Inc.
This trading platform is included in the TOP10 of the most secure cryptocurrency exchanges.

GOPAX South Korean cryptocurrency exchange was created in 2016. Owned by Streami, Inc. The average trading volume is $ 47.8 million.

The official website interface is bilingual. If you do not understand Korean, switch to English localization. The translation was done with high quality, and strange places can be found only in the documentation.

Developers support work on Windows and MacOS operating systems, and also offer applications for mobile platforms iOS and Android. If desired, you can work through the equally convenient web-based access interface.

Returning to the language issue. Entering the site is easy to get confused. There is no familiar drop-down menu with flags in the header. The switch is in the basement, and it was not easy to find.

After these simple manipulations, instead of obscure hieroglyphs, the usual English inscriptions appear.


  • Personal Trading Support
    You work privately with an experienced team of traders, and GOPAX selects a deal to best suit your needs.
  • Market Updates
    GOPAX daily provides you with information on what happened and what happens in the markets daily.
  • Deep liquidity
    With an extensive affiliate network worldwide, GOPAX offers deep liquidity so you can execute orders no matter how large they are.
  • Competitive pricing
    GOPAX offers competitive prices with a low commission, regardless of the size of your trade.
  • Quick settlement
    Trading is usually permitted within 24 hours, wherever you are.
  • Multiple assets
    GOPAX facilitates all major cryptocurrency assets. If you have a specific asset that you want to trade, just ask a GOPAX trader.

Check in

To register, click on “Sign Up” in the upper right corner – the registration page opens. Fill out the form.

  • Specify Email
    It’s best to use mail from Google, as it is best protected from hacking
  • Create a password
    The password must be complex, that is, consist of lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, signs. It should be 10-20 characters long (optimally 15-20 characters)
  • Repeat password
  • We check that you are not a citizen of Korea and that you are already 19 years old
  • We agree with the rules – check
  • Click ‘Sign up’.

After that, you need to go to the mail and find there a letter from GOPAX. Copy the verification code there.

We enter it in a special form on the GOPAX website, which opened after registration.

 Profile Security Setting

You went to the exchange, and the system immediately says that you need to set up an account to start trading. That is, you must:

  • Confirm Email
  • Set up two-factor authentication
  • Pass verification

Without going through all these procedures, you will not be able to deposit / withdraw funds and trade on the GOPAX exchange

Since we have already confirmed the email, we go to the 2fa settings and verification.


After you set up 2fa, the system sends us back to setting up your account – click on “Enhanced Verification” to pass verification. A verification form opens, which you need to fill out:
Click on the orange “Passport” button and upload a passport photo (page with photo) and a selfie with a passport.

The verification process takes up to 3 business days.
Once you have passed the verification, you can trade in the amount of 1 million DAI.

Deposit funds

Click on the ‘Dashboard’ section in the upper left corner. We select the desired cryptocurrency, which we want to enter into the account. On the contrary, click ‘Deposit’.

A page opens where a digital wallet is generated for the selected currency. We copy the wallet address and paste it into the column “Recipient address” where we are going to transfer funds.
After you have completed the transfer to the specified address, you can only wait for the funds to be credited.

Withdraw funds

To withdraw funds from the exchange in the same section, opposite the selected currency, click “Withdraw”. The withdrawal form opens – fill it out.

  • Specify the number of coins to withdraw
  • Insert the wallet address to which funds will be transferred
  • Click ‘Withdraw’ at the bottom of the page.


In general, the trading platform is not bad: a convenient interface, a reliable security system, low commission for trading and low fees for depositing and withdrawing cryptocurrencies.

Another advantage of the exchange will be open information about the management and the availability of offices in 3 countries – this suggests that the trading floor will not close one day.


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