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Global Smart Mining Review and Review (GS Mining)

  •  Works from: 09/14/2017
  • Min Deposit: 500 USD
  • Min Payout: 500 USD
  • Status: Pays

Global Smart Mining is a cryptocurrency mining pool. The declared yield is 45% per year. Deposits to users are returned only at the end of the partnership.

The duration of one contract is three years. Deposits here can be put in Ethereum and Bitcoin, or fiat money.

Global Smart SMining is a very real company that is registered in Malta. She has all the registration documents.

Honesty of the company is ensured by special smart or smart contracts, which are simply tied through a personal account to leased facilities. Smart contracts implemented on the blockchain are a new trend in the world of investments. Soon, all reputable innovation organizations will seek to use this technology for investment.

GSMining plans in the coming years to become a global leader in the field of cryptocurrency mining. The company has developed a multi-level affiliate program with bonuses for any turnover created.

Global Smart Mining Investment Offer

By investing, you rent a coin mining capacity for 1,000 days, a yield of 40% per year (3.33% per month) plus every month you will receive a deposit body of 3%. As a result, 6.33% per month. Unlike other mining pools and cloud services, GS Mining is distinguished by the fact that it is based on smart contracts (special algorithms) that fulfill investment conditions without human intervention. They are transparent and can be checked.

A contribution can be made from $ 500 (for investments above $ 100,000 individual conditions are possible) through Advanced Cash, Bitcoin, Ethereum. In the future, bank transfers will be connected.

Charges occur on the 30th day of each month, the withdrawal schedule is up to 5 business days.

GS Mining Review

If you think that $ 500 is a too high entry threshold, then I advise you to see how much the equipment for a mining farm costs, this is not counting what difficulties you will encounter without knowing the various technical aspects. This project is for investors who need investment security.

I recommend allocating a sufficiently large percentage of the portfolio for Global Smart Mining, each reasonable investor should have such companies to diversify and stabilize the investment portfolio.

It is worth saying that the profitability can increase many times due to the growth of cryptocurrencies, if after withdrawing you keep them in your wallets.

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