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Global Rent Inc – Project Information

Global Rent Incorporated is a low-interest investment project that promises good returns. Within 30 working days, you can receive 0.5% profit on the deposit amount. The maximum profit is 1.3% on business days for 210 days. The official start of the project took place on February 21, 2019, but reviews of Global Rent on the Internet began to appear only in the middle of spring.

 In this review we will consider:

  1. Basic project information
  2. How to make money at Global Rent Incorporated
  3. Pros and cons of investing in this hype

The official website of Global Rent, which is located at this address made simple and very good. On the main page, standard information: tariff plans, a couple of offers about the company, statistics on payments, news. And with regards to the news, it is worth noting that this section is at least rare, but updated, for example, recently Global Rent added another payment system – Yandex.Money.

According to legend, Global Rent Incorporated subleases real estate in the best parts of the world. The total area of ​​rented real estate is more than 1 million square meters, and this figure is growing every year. The company’s policy is aimed at renting entire floors, if it is a multi-story building, which allows almost 100% to occupy the rented area and introduce a further monopoly of prices for renting out the area.

Global Rent is officially registered in the Philippines, the documentation is presented on the site. But keep in mind that such documents can easily be issued for only $ 150 – $ 200 without any evidence of the existence of a real company.

Global Rent Marketing offers as many as 7 tariff plans, a detailed description of which can be found on the Global Rent Int. All tariff plans presented have a minimum entry amount of 500 rubles. Your profit will directly depend on the term of the deposit: the longer the contribution takes part in the company’s turnover, the greater the percentage of profit the investor receives.

Below we will consider the best options for investing in

  • First plan: profitability – 0.5% of the treasure for 30 working days. The deposit is withdrawn at the end of the term. Net profit will be 15%, which is quite good, as for low-interest hype.
  • Second plan: designed for 60 business days, each of which the investor will receive 0.7% of the profit. The deposit can also be withdrawn at the end of the plan, and the net profit will be as much as 42%.
  • The third Global Rent plan: works for 90 days and brings 0.8% of profit daily. With the last accrual of profit, it will be possible to return your deposit, and the net profit will be 72%.
  • Fourth plan: offers to receive 0.9% of the deposit over 120 working days. The deposit, as in previous plans, is available for withdrawal at the end of the term, and the net profit is assumed to be 108%.

In terms of profitability, this project can be compared with FX Trading and Appex.

Global Rent Inc Marketing Features

  • Minimum withdrawal amount: 300 rubles or $ 5;
  • Affiliate program: 5% of the referral’s contribution, but the percentage grows depending on the amount of funds raised, details on the website in the ‘Partners’ section;
  • Withdrawal of funds: in manual mode;
  • Schedule for withdrawal: up to 24 hours.
  • Payment systems: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Perfect Money, Yandex Money, Payeer.

 Pros and Cons of Global Rent

The positive points include:

  • Interesting investment conditions;
  • The site allows you to pay directly with bank cards and works with rubles;
  • Good execution of the project site, everything is simple and clear;
  • In reviews about Global Rent Incorporated they write that an experienced administration is behind the project.

 Negative sides in hype:

  • Manual payments;
  • Long working hours of tariff plans;
  • In GRentInc, the deposit is displayed at the end of the work.

Company prospects

It is worth noting that the project was prepared really well, as evidenced by a number of technical nuances of the official Global Rent Inc. website In addition to this, the project is progressing very competently. We think that working out for 6 months is quite possible for him, but if the hype investment industry comes to life, then even 1 year looks like a normal period.

This review about Global Rent Inc is finished, do not forget to diversify risks and participate in quality projects.

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