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Overview of and features of the project is a foreign-made site that is not only represented in English, but is also developing for the most part among foreign investors. The project was not in a hurry to appear to Russian-speaking investors, although its work began on October 29, 2019. Those same investors who have already managed to notice https gissis com have considered the prospect, because the resource looks technically powerful and is distinguished by the quality of marketing preparation. The active interest in the site from foreign investors and the focus on large-scale promotion can be a serious impetus for a grandiose development in the future, therefore it is worthwhile to bet on such projects. is an investment platform with great features. On the one hand, investors are offered a variety of marketing, designed for investors with different strategies and deposits; On the other hand, there is a good affiliate program, a bounty program and a loyalty system with its own G-Points currency. Thus, investors who want to invest money and just make a profit have this opportunity, but at the same time, will also appeal to those who seek to increase their income through activity.

The resource looks presentable and expensive, and against the background of numerous investment resources it is allocated with a rather rare registration in the USA. The company’s activities are focused on the purchase and sale of shares of various companies. Now the holding sets plans for expanding its business and attracts investors to cooperate. Obviously, the activity is profitable and brings the company profit, due to which fulfills its obligations to investors.

About reviews can be found more often on foreign resources, but our site is slowly starting to advance. According to the level of training, one can make an assumption about the administration’s great experience in preparing investment assets. On some resources they talk about the similarity of with successful projects in the past, but we will do without vanging and insiders – we will evaluate the site based on the results of its work. Specifications

  • Script licensed by H-SCRIPT;
  • GeoTrust data encryption with advanced security verification;
  • Domain from NameCheap, registered for a year;
  • HostingHetzner Online Ag;
  • Unique design. Investment Program

The platform presented its investors with a variety of conditions: there are six tariffs in total, and potential investors will certainly be able to choose an option for their earnings. The peculiarity of marketing is that all plans are designed for payments on weekdays, that is, they do not charge interest on weekends. The choice of such conditions by the administration can be explained by the fact that it is in this situation that marketing does not lose its attractiveness and provides the project with the stability it needs.

Tariff “107%”

  • Return rate: 1.4% on business days
  • Investment period: 5 business days
  • Deposit amount: from $ 15 to $ 450
  • Break-even: at the end of the investment
  • Total earnings: 7%

Tariff “125%”

  • Interest rate: 1.78% on business days
  • Investment Period: 14 business days
  • Deposit amount: from $ 40 to $ 2500
  • Profit: at the end of the investment
  • Profit for the term: 25%

 Rate “162%”

  • Interest rate: 2.3% on business days
  • Investment Period: 27 business days
  • Deposit amount: from $ 400 to $ 20,000
  • Profit: at the end of the investment
  • Profit for the term: 62%

Rate ‘220%’

  • Interest rate: 2.4% on business days
  • Investment Period: 50 business days
  • Deposit amount: from $ 700 to $ 70,000
  • Profit: after 42 days
  • Profit for the term: 120%

Tariff ‘370%’

  • Interest rate: 5.7% on business days
  • Investment Period: 47 business days
  • Deposit amount: from $ 900 to $ 100,000
  • Profit: after 18 days
  • Profit for the term: 270%

Rate ‘500%’

  • Interest rate: 5.88% on business days
  • Investment Period: 68 business days
  • Deposit amount: from $ 1,500 to $ 150,000
  • Profit: after 17 days
  • Profit for the term: 400% offers payment systems in assortment and to invest, we have the opportunity both in dollars and in numerous cryptocurrencies. Even a small minus in the form of the absence of ruble payments does not spoil this attractive project, because you can always exchange funds through an exchanger. Affiliate Program

By joining a partnership with https gissis com, you can get income from three referral levels in depth of 4.2% -1.7% -0.7%. There are no special conditions for participation in the affiliate program, you just need to register on the site and use the received referral link for the purpose. Representative status is also provided with increased interest rates of 5.5% -2.2% -1.1%, details of obtaining this rank can be found in the support service.

Opportunities for partners do not end with the above, since has its own loyalty system with the payment of G-Points internal currency. For any actions with your balance in the project, you will be awarded bonus points in the ratio of 1 $ \u003d 1 G-Points, which will allow you to receive additional benefits. The loyalty system is designed for several levels, and their achievement depends on the number of received G-Points. For example, upon reaching level 5 of the loyalty program, an additional 4th level of reward for the affiliate program will open to the participant.

Register on the site, create a deposit and withdraw profit in

A foreign investment asset is currently available only in English, but judging by the language tab, large-scale international promotion is planned in the future (now reviews are more represented abroad). Without the Russian language, there may still be difficulties in the process of creating an account, but with our instructions, registration will be as simple and quick as possible.

Open the website using the affiliate link of the blog, then on the main page use the ‘Create account’ button.

The system will prompt you to fill out a registration form in which you need to register a username, email address and password. We securely store these data, confirm our agreement with the rules of and click on the “Sign up” button.

Authorization on the site will allow you to be in your account, from where you can create a deposit. To do this, click the “Make deposit” button, and after going to the next page, specify the payment, tariff and amount. Finally, click the ‘Create’ button and replenish.

To withdraw earnings, use the “Withdrawal” section, and in the application, indicate the amount, payment, carefully check the specified data and then click the “Create” button.

Basic information about

  • Start of work: 10.29.2019.
  • Language versions: English (plans to add other languages).
  • Payments: Perfect, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Payeer, Dash, Ripple, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin cash.
  • Important: for all actions with his balance, the participant receives bonus points – G-Points.
  • Minimum deposit amount: $ 15.
  • Maximum investment: no limits.
  • Affiliate remuneration: 2% -1.7% -0.7% (for representatives – 5.5% -2.2% -1.1%).
  • Profit conclusion: manual, it can take up to 72 hours.
  • The sum of the minimum withdrawal request: $ 1 (for cryptocurrencies – 0.002 BTC).

Opinion on, reviews can be a great solution for investors. The resource is perfectly prepared from the technical side, has a diverse investment offer, as well as additional buns in the form of a bounty, affiliate program and bonus system. All this in aggregate presents us with the opportunity to earn in several areas at once. Investment attractiveness of adds competent distribution of the asset over foreign resources and a certain popularity that has already developed for from foreign investors.

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