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The Galaksion affiliate program launched in 2014. To monetize traffic, almost all currently valid CPA-marketing formats (CPC, CPM, CPA, CPI, CPL) are offered. There are no geographic restrictions, but the main advertisers target their offers in the USA, Europe, Canada, Latin America and India.

The commission of the system is only 10%. That is, webmasters receive 90% of the amount that the advertiser contributed.
The minimum traffic to sites with which Galaksion software works is 1000 unique visitors per day.
Base hold – 30 days. For premium accounts, it can be zero.

The following ad formats are involved:
– screensaver. A window that opens in full screen while the site page is loading. After loading the page, the ad splash screen automatically disappears;
– pop-up. The ad unit opens in a new window when entering the site;
– branding. Blocks with promotional materials are placed in the form of banners and active active advertising. The design of blocks can be tailored to the corporate design of the site;
– superstitials. A better version of interstitial advertising;
– clicker (clicker). A window that opens when some action is performed on the page. Typically, this is a click on the link;
– slide banner (slide-banner). A banner that pops up in a certain sector of the screen and allows closing by the user;

– video advertising. Recessed blocks with short promoters.

There are also less well-known formats – daughter windows (daughter windows), tied to a click on the banner.
Note that the landing pages displayed in pop-up and clicker windows have a well-thought-out and tested design. Moreover, they are all equipped with conversion optimization scripts, such as, for example, come-backer.

There is a two-level referral program. Compensation is charged for attracted webmasters. At the first level – this is 7% of their income. On the second level – 3%.

Technical support, works around the clock and is available in many languages, including Russian.

How to start working with the Galaksion affiliate program
For registration you will need: a valid e-mail, skype login (or in another messenger), the website address on which the ad units will be installed.

Please note that when registering, you must immediately choose a personal manager who will perform all the steps for setting up your account.

After sending the registration data, the application arrives for moderation. Upon receipt of approval, authorization is available. In your personal account there is a statistics table with and contact details of the manager.

To continue, you must contact the manager and go through a preliminary interview. We recommend that you prepare data in advance from the URLs of the sites from which the traffic will come, its approximate daily volume and POST-back links (that is, links to pages where it is supposed to install ad units).

After manually checking the declared sites, the manager will issue tags with test scripts that will create rotation of various types of ad units.

Thus, in a few days of the test period, the formats that create the best conversion will be determined. And only after that, a working settings block will be created for the site, with which the main work process will begin.

The workflow begins with customizing ad unit formats.

Banner blocks are offered in the following formats: 600×200, 468×60, 300×250, 240×400, 728×90, 160×600 in static, dynamic (gif) and flash performance.

In addition to banners with a fixed location, pop-up banners, video modules, screen savers and many other advertising tools are available. As already mentioned, the design of the implemented blocks can be adjusted in accordance with the design of the site.

Preparation is being completed by receiving affiliate scripts from the manager. We recommend that you install them in the boot block (that is, in the head or at the very beginning of the body tag), since some formats of advertising require work during the loading of the site page.

After installing the codes in the site template, the work on monetizing traffic using the Galaksion software can be considered started. Statistics on transitions, views and conversions are displayed on the main page of your personal account.


Internal accounting in this PP is made in US dollars. Payments are made according to the schedule Net30 (from 1 to 10 numbers). The minimum amount is $ 100. Withdrawal of funds occurs upon request, through the payment systems WebMoney, Yandex.Money, PayPal, Wire, Bank Transfer.

For large traffic providers, you can switch to Net14 and even Net7 graphics.

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