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There is no person in the modern world who would not hear about cryptocurrencies. For some, this is still a strange novelty, someone is already familiar with them firsthand and even used it, and someone can’t imagine their life without these virtual coins. And the last group can be safely attributed to players and investors in hype projects that use these currencies in their activities.

Bitcoin, ether and lightcoin have long been included in this area of ​​Internet earnings and have firmly taken their place in it. Not only are these coins growing in price on their own, because they can still be multiplied quite well if you scroll them in a sensible hype project. After all, the so-called “cryptocurrencies” appear every day (hype projects that accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment), where investors throw their savings with enviable zeal.

Experienced players have long acquired cryptocurrency wallets and keep their reserves on them, which, if a worthy cryptocurrency appears on the horizon, can be put into operation. And what about beginners who just came into this sphere pennilessly? The option to run on exchanges and exchangers will not work, because you need fiat currencies to buy crypto for them. It remains only to get it for free, or rather make money on cranes. In this article I will tell you what cranes are and how to use them to collect coins on your first deposit.

What are cranes

Cranes are special services that give you a small fee in exchange for your time and action.
Initially, taps were created by enthusiasts in order to popularize Bitcoin. These services conveyed to users information about what a cryptocurrency is, how to create your own wallet, how to make payments, etc., and as a bonus (for your time spent) they gave you a small amount of this cryptocurrency.

But there were enterprising people who picked up this idea and began to earn money on it. They created small sites, ran payout scripts on them, and weighed it all upside down with ads. So it turned out that the revenue from showing ads was shared with visitors to these taps, who received their part in the form of coins, and the rest fell into the owner’s pocket. And everyone is happy, everyone is winning!

What are the cranes

Cranes can be divided into instant and cumulative.
Instant taps give coins here and now – they have completed the necessary actions, received their bonus. But this bonus does not fall on your personal wallet, but on the wallet, albeit also yours, but in the microtransaction service. Today it is usually FaucetHub, although previously there were other services. This is done in order to avoid commissions for transfers, because the bonuses themselves are cheap. So they go to FaucetHub, where they accumulate and wait in the wings. Then, when you have accumulated some minimum amount for withdrawal, you can request a transfer already to your main wallet. For such transfers FaucetHub takes a small commission.

Registration on the FaucetHub service is required for those who want to make money on instant taps. Therefore, it should be the first step, but I will not dwell on this in detail, since this is the topic of a separate article.

Accumulative taps, unlike the first ones, pay directly to your personal wallet, bypassing third-party services (although they can also do them). Such cranes require registration, and all work is done only through a personal account. Here it is also necessary to accumulate a minimum amount for withdrawal, after which it will be possible to order a payment. But such cranes (except proven giants) are not very interesting. You can collect a minimum for a week or a month for withdrawal, and the crane will take and go to scam. Yes, as in HYIPs, this also often happens here.

Therefore, the earnings strategy at the taps is as follows. Your portfolio should have as many ‘fat’ instant taps. Even if one was dry, and the second went into scam, it’s okay, others will take their place. New cranes appear with enviable constancy. But you should not forget about the top-end storage cranes – they have been working for a long time, they are constantly developing and regularly paying.

Instant taps

As practice shows, the most delicious bonuses are on taps with instant payments. There are hundreds of such cranes, so there is no sense in disassembling them – they appear very quickly, but also quickly disappear. You can easily find a selection of paying taps online, or browse the lists of taps on the same FaucetHub and save your favorites to bookmarks.

The presence of such a service is certainly very good, but the work there is not very conveniently organized – there are a lot of cranes and different coins, each crane has its own conditions, its own distribution intervals, its bonuses, its own captcha, etc. This is pretty hard to navigate. Therefore, the question arises, how to properly organize work with cranes? To do this, rotators were invented – these are sites that contain convenient selection of cranes with timers for collecting bonuses, convenient navigation, filters, etc. Administrators of such rotators make money by giving their affiliate links and adding new cranes and tracking statuses in their interests Existing ones. With such sites, work is many times faster and more convenient.

There are also many rotators, you can find them yourself on the network, and I will give you as an example one of the most convenient ones – It contains a large number of various cranes, including fiat, as well as axle boxes. Of the minuses – it has rarely been updated recently, many of the ‘greasy’ cranes are not there, and the information is not always up to date. But in terms of the quality of the organization of the work itself, it is a benchmark.

But no one is stopping you from creating your own picks with cranes. When you test a hundred or two, you will see how they differ, you will learn their nuances and, of course, you will find your favorites. And in the future you will work only with them, from time to time adding worthy new items.

Many instant cranes are also multicurrency. This means that you can collect not only bitcoins on them, but also a dozen other coins.

 Instructions for receiving a bonus with an instant tap

We will consider bitcoin cranes as the most popular, but when working with cranes for other cryptocurrencies, this algorithm is no different.

1. We go to the site with a crane and the first thing we do is check its balance. From time to time, the taps may “dry out”, i.e. Their balance becomes zero, and until the administrator replenishes it, the crane will not pay.

2. If the balance is positive, excellent. Next, we see to which microtransaction service the crane belongs, what bonus awaits us, and also the interval of its distribution. In this case, we are promised 19 satoshis (as you can see, this is less than one cent), but they will pay every 3 minutes.
In the ‘Enter Your Bitcoin Address’ field, enter the address of your wallet, which must be tied to FaucetHub in advance. Then press the LOGIN button.

3. Unravel the captcha.

In this case, you need to enter the text shown and click the words (link antibot) in the specified sequence, after which the ‘Verify’ button will appear. There may be other ‘Get Reward’ or ‘Claim’ buttons. By clicking the button, you will be redirected to a third-party advertising service, where it will be necessary to solve another captcha, and only after that you will receive your coins.

Just like that, in less than one minute, you got 19 satoshi in your wallet.

Depending on the tap, the actions themselves may differ in sequence, number of captchas, captchas themselves (somewhere you need to select certain pictures, enter a word somewhere, guess shapes somewhere, etc.), but the general meaning remains the same.

First, you click on this link and unravel the captcha. Then we return to the site with a crane and then we continue according to the standard scheme. Due to this action, you can increase the final bonus several times. This step can be either obligatory (otherwise you will not get access to captchas and the address field), or optionally.

Someone may object that for such a penny it makes no sense to strain and will be right in his own way. But when you don’t even have a minimum amount for investing in hype projects, then this method is very profitable, because you can click on the taps the same $ 10 for a couple of weeks in your free time. But this will help to earn your starting capital, which can then be successfully increased in highs.

To not be so sad, let’s count a little. Above, we looked at a faucet that gives $ 0.0017 every 3 minutes. So for a day (if you click every 3 minutes), he is able to give about 0.81 $ profit. And this is only one crane, and there are a lot of them. Moreover, many cranes give $ 0.005, and even $ 0.01 at a time. If you make yourself a selection of ‘greasy’ cranes and run at least once an hour on them, then you can easily make $ 1 per day, and all $ 30 per month.

And now one more good news, each crane also has an affiliate program. Therefore, if someone clicks on this link and collects coins from your link, then you will receive a good bonus for this, which can reach 50% of the earnings of your referral. And if there are many such referrals, then your income will increase significantly. And then this money can already be easily scattered on various hype projects, which will allow you to start receiving real passive income.

Storage cranes

There are not many such cranes, however, there are giants who have been working for years and have been fulfilling their obligations all this time. And users who have already upgraded their accounts have a pretty good passive income in cryptocurrency. And we will begin the analysis of such cranes with their brightest representative.


This is a legendary crane that has been operating since 2013, and still pleasing its users with stable payments. Over the years, the crane has distributed bonuses to several hundred thousand bitcoins, which today is simply an astronomical amount and all this is completely free. So, what does this crane offer us …

Here you can collect bonuses every hour, and there is a chance to get up to $ 200 per fee. But then how lucky it is, if the number on the counter is more than 9885, then consider that you have hit a small jackpot. The bonus amount can change every minute, as it depends directly on the course of bitcoin itself. Therefore, it is more profitable to twist when the course falls. By the way, for each fee you will receive more lottery tickets and bonus points.

You can also multiply the earned Satoshi (or lose) in the HI-LO game. The rules of the game are simple – make a bet (more or less), if you win, you get an amount n times larger, if you lose, you lose your bet. The odds and percentage of winnings can be adjusted manually. At one time, I was sometimes lucky, and I raised good amounts, but the main thing here is not to get involved.

On the open spaces of the network, hundreds of tactics and techniques are described how to play this game, but the algorithm here is smarter than everyone thinks, so don’t even try, merge everything to zero – just try luck with unit bets from time to time.

For every 500 satoshi you bet in the game, you will also be given lottery tickets and bonus points. Tickets at the end of each week participate in the lottery, and there is a chance to get a good cash prize. And points can be spent on all sorts of cool stuff at a local store. For example, you can buy the latest IPhone or hardware bitcoin wallet. But you can buy bonuses that will increase your reward by 24 hours.

This tap can also be used as a savings wallet. We deposit funds to the balance (or earn them right here) and get% daily. Interest, although small, is how your money will work.

The crane has a lot of different possibilities. For example, a betting section has recently appeared where you can bet on various events against other players. Tickets and points will also rely on you for bets. And a golden ticket was added to the site, which will allow its holder to win the car. As you can see, there are many opportunities and all of them are very interesting, so I highly recommend this tap for familiarization.


The creators of the first tap also have a second project called FreeDogecoin. Everything is the same here, roll every hour, only the winnings are less, and some opportunities are absent (no lotteries, no store, no savings wallet). Nevertheless, the crane regularly pays and is actively developing.

Other Free Cranes

There are still cranes from the Free line, but they have a different administration, they look different, they have fewer awards and work not so long ago, which means that the reputation has not yet been confirmed. But they can offer ‘exotic’ coins:

  • Free bitcoin
  • Free ripple
  • Free nem
  • Free cardano

The principle of these cranes is the same – once an hour you are given one roll and, depending on the number that falls, you get a certain reward. If you are lucky, you can break a good bank and then withdraw the prize to your wallet.

Of the benefits – the presence of additional rolls. You can use promotional codes (periodically published on Twitter). After activating such a code, an additional roll is available. Additional rolls are also given for viewing advertising links – one for each link.

CoinPot and its moon cranes

Cranes of the Moon line or lunar cranes began their work many years ago. Initially, the lunar crane was one, only the one from which bitcoins were dripping. Much later, the line of cranes began to grow. Today there are already as many as 7 cranes. A microtransaction service such as CoinPot combines them. Everything that you earn on these taps is accumulated in this service, and, therefore, the withdrawal of coins is possible only from here. But this service has a couple more interesting features, which we will consider later, and now we will go over the cranes themselves.

To begin, I recommend that you register on the CoinPot service itself, then you can work with all seven taps. And this is easier and faster than registering on each of them individually.

The first five taps have a similar interface, about the same functionality, but are designed for different coins. We will analyze everything using the example of the Bitcoin crane Moon Bitcoin.

The principle is as follows, you can collect satoshi no more than once every 5 minutes (although it is not a fact that satoshi will be awarded in 5 minutes – it all depends on the course). You can less often – once an hour, once a day, once a month. But the more time passes, the less the rate of accrual of these coins becomes. Therefore, it is beneficial to collect them as often as possible. To collect, click the ‘claim now’ button, unravel the captcha and coins on the balance.

To make the collection more interesting and profitable, the administration has introduced many different bonuses. All of them are presented on the green field below. If you collect satoshi at least once every 24 hours, then every day you will be added 1% to the daily loyalty bonus. Those. After 100 days, you will receive a double profit already. The same applies to your referrals, if they also collect coins, you will receive daily bonuses for them. You can also get bonuses for completing surveys (section Offers). Also, at each collection, you will receive an arbitrary mysterious bonus – this is the percentage by which your profit for the current collection will be increased. It is easy to calculate that if all these bonuses are combined, the result can be several times more interesting. Therefore, be sure to use them.

The remaining 4 cranes also work, they are also worth a visit, if only for the purpose of collecting altcoins and for the sake of tokens of the service itself:

  • Moon litecoin
  • Moon dogecoin
  • Moon cash
  • Moon dash

The sixth tap related to this line is the entertaining and gaming bitcoin tap Bit Fun. You can pass the waiting time here by playing simple toys that are familiar to everyone.

In addition to collecting Satoshi, here you can play craps (DICE section) for cryptocurrency, unfortunately now this game is temporarily disabled. You can also participate in surveys (section OFFERS) for a good reward.

Well, the last tap is the Bitcoin Bonus Bitcoin tap. Here we have the opportunity to try our luck every 15 minutes and if we are lucky, then win the main prize of 5,000 satoshi. This crane is nothing more remarkable – the bones are also turned off, the polls are the same as with other cranes.

Plus, collecting coins on these taps is still what. For each fee, regardless of the amount collected, you are given 3 CoinPot tokens. The more coins you collect, the more tokens. And the more tokens, the more prizes you can get from the CoinPot service itself. By the way, prizes are also issued in tokens. And you can follow your results through your account on the CoinPot website.

Received tokens can be exchanged directly in your account for any available crypt, thereby increasing your income. The course is very profitable, so you will remain in a good plus for anyone. You can also participate in the lottery by buying tickets for tokens or playing the game “more less” and win a good amount. Decide what to do with tokens yourself, but with their help your profit can become an order of magnitude higher.

In your account, you can see all your coins and you can do everything you need with them – withdraw to your wallets if the minimum amount has already been earned, or exchange one crypt for another.

Working with cranes is a 100% working option and will allow you to earn your first coins. This method does not require any special skills, except the ability to sit at a computer, so it will suit everyone without exception. Of course, you will not do this all your life, but it is very possible to take some time to get start-up capital, with which you can then go into the hype industry.

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