FPCTRAFFIC – monetization of adult traffic from devices of any type


Fpctraffic – Review

The affiliate program from the FPCtraffic.com traffic network began work in 1998. Redeems adult traffic from around the world, without separation by type of device.
To capture traffic offers three types of affiliate codes:

– direct link;
– two types of pop-under (standard and ‘aggressive’);
– widget in the form of a combination of teaser blocks.

The scheme for calculating affiliate rewards depends on the type of ad unit and GEO.

For a direct link, traffic is redeemed according to the CPC scheme at the following rates:
– up to 3 $ / 1000 for countries of Western Europe, America and Canada;
– up to 3 $ / 1000 for Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Australia and New Zealand, if the hit was made from browsers with a certain language localization (English, French, German, Italian and Spanish);
– up to 1 $ / 1000 for Japan;
– 0.20 $ / 1000, if traffic from Russia, China, Taiwan, Brazil, Korea;
– 0.5 $ / 1000 for all other countries.

Traffic shot from pop-under is redeemed at a fixed rate: $ 1.5 per 1000 impressions.
The referral program in FPCtraffic.com works according to the CPA model: for each active webmaster attracted via a referral link, $ 50 is paid (once). An active user is one who has received at least one payout.
The link for connecting to the program is located in the ‘Links / Codes-WM Referrals’ section.

How to start making money with the FPCtraffic.com affiliate program

All types of affiliate codes in FPCtraffic are configured in the ‘Links / Codes’ section.
A direct text link is generated in the ‘Clicks (RAW)’ section.
Please note that two link options are offered: general (top) and ‘trusted’ (bottom).
The second link is offered for webmasters who are confident in the absence of viruses and malware on their sites. All hits on this link undergo special filtering and, in case of non-compliance with the terms of the ‘Trusted Advertisers’, are not taken into account.
The code for pop-under is generated in the ‘Popunders’ section.
Two codes are available: regular and aggressive.
The affiliate code of the second option generates a background pop-up window after each click on the displayed page.

The transition to the widget designer is performed from the ‘Plugs’ section.
During setup, the thematic category and the dimension of the teaser block are first indicated.
Next, the format for the text content is set.

Previewing the result is possible by clicking on the ‘Preview’ button.

After clicking on the ‘Save’ button, the widget settings are saved and an affiliate code is generated.
Further management of the created widgets is carried out through the table of the ‘Plugs-FPCPlugs Widget Creator’ section.


Financial statistics at FPCtraffic.com are fixed in USD.
Payments are made once a month, through four payment systems:

– PayPal;
– Wire;
– Paxum;
– Payoneer.

The limit on the amount can be set any, but not less than $ 50.

There are separate restrictions for Wire Transfer – the payment must be at least $ 200, and the fee for processing it will be $ 35.
Connection of a suitable payment method is made during registration and in the settings of the ‘Account’ section.


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