FlyMining cloud mining: reviews, review


FlyMining Cloud Mining

FlyMining is an eco-friendly cloud mining farm that proves that cloud mining can be transparent and clean. In total, the mining farm contains more than 540 miners with a total hash power of about 7 petahashes per second (7 million gigahashes per second). To increase customer confidence, the company also uses webcams in its mining centers.

Flymining is a cryptocurrency cloud farm that claims to be an environmentally friendly 100. They claim to be clean and transparent. The farm also stated that they own 3-20 foot containers on which 540 mining machines are installed, providing a total productivity of 7 per second cocks. This is supposedly the fastest in the industry. Their mobile machine complexes are also equipped with webcams that increase the safety of facilities, as they can monitor them in real time 24/7. This also ensures that customers can trust Flymining when they say they own mining farms that are equipped with equipment. Customers may also believe that their investment will be safe if they decide to try this cloud mining tool.

The team that runs this company is knowledgeable in cryptocurrency technology and in finance and accounting. They claim that their team consists of programmers, technicians, marketers, as well as analysts. Therefore, they believe that they can provide cloud mining in the most efficient way.

For now, you may ask if Flymining is genuine. The truth is that this mining farm is legal, but there are one or two aspects of the site that we don’t like. The first thing we understand is that their site is not so attractive. This is not like the official website of a company that is serious about cryptocurrency mining. The second concern that we have against this company is that it has received a mixed opinion about their services, as some users claim that this is fraud, while others say that they are the best. We also checked reviews on cryptocurrency forums and found that most reviews support this site. It is hard to say whether they are legal or not. So, we will judge based on what we see, as well as on the basis of general logic. At the same time, you can mine cryptocurrencies using these platforms that are tested and proven to make profit for your customers.

The company claims that as soon as customers pay for the use of mining machines, mining will begin immediately. As a customer, Flymining claims that you can make your first withdrawal within 24 hours. The company also claims that the withdrawal of funds occurs instantly, and as soon as the user clicks one button, Bitcoin will immediately go to their wallet. The service allows you to withdraw funds every 24 hours, and there is also no minimum withdrawal amount, unlike other Crypto cloud currency mining companies that impose this restriction on their users, which makes it practically impossible to withdraw money from the system after making it. In addition to the obvious advantage of using Flymining services, the fact is that withdrawing funds once every 24 hours makes it very affordable for mining by a company with which you can withdraw funds.

The company offers its customers the following benefits:

  • Bitcoin and ether mining;
  • Monthly and five-year contracts for bitcoin, a one-year contract for ether;
  • Live webcams 24/7;
  • The cheapest electricity charge;
  • There are no hidden fees, the lowest withdrawal fees (0.00005 BTC);
  • Instant start immediately after payment of the contract;
  • Instant withdrawal of funds (first withdrawal within 24 hours);
  • Payment of contracts in bitcoins, Payeer, Yandex Checkout (Yandex. Cashier);
  • For payment of electricity Visa / Mastercard are accepted;
  • Bitcoin and ether mining profitability calculator;
  • Referral program with affiliate reward up to 12%.


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