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FireBit – Cloud Mining

FireBit made at a decent level. Not often we come across not so high-quality completed projects, especially recently, when almost every day clone projects appear with a slight change in design and two or three standard scripts. The FireBit project began its work recently on September 14, 2016, and offers every new registered user a bonus of 7 MHS (approximately $ 0.7). The project has a good return of 1.2% per day (payback 84 days).

So, the first thing I want to say is the unique interface of the investor’s personal account. My account is made in the form of a desktop operating system that looks like Linux with icons on the desktop. All elements and tabs of the interface are activated with a double click. Keep this in mind, because after registration you will see an empty desktop and when you hover and click once on the icon (like the links in the browser), nothing happens. Such an interface can cause problems for some users who are used to standard interfaces in such projects, and at first glance the resource may not seem to work. Tab windows can be enlarged and reduced, dragged from place, as well as open several of them. In the lower left corner of the screen there is a ‘Show desktop’ button that minimizes all open buttons, and to the right of it there are shortcuts for open tabs. In the upper right corner of the screen there is an attached profit calculator in the form of a widget, keep in mind that to calculate the profit, after entering your hashrate, double-click on this data entry field.

In addition, in the widget section ‘Widgets’, you can add other available widgets to the desktop, such as: balance in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, DASH, Monero and balance in all cryptocurrencies. The mining window is made in the form of a window of the miner program launched in the console, which adds realism to the project. Of course, this is not about any real mining process, since the project is an ordinary hype with the legend of cloud mining, but it looks very beautiful and unusual. The financial transactions window ‘Finances’ is responsible for your deposits, withdrawals, exchanges, and also displays the history of your deposits, withdrawals and referral charges. The ‘Statistics’ window allows you to track the profitability of mining available cryptocurrencies. The tab ‘Referrals’, as you would expect, displays a list of your referrals with the number of acquired MHS / sec, allows you to get your ref. Link and download banners. The Settings tab allows you to change the password of your account, register cryptocurrency wallets for payments, or change the desktop wallpaper in your account.

Key features of FireBit

  • High-quality and unusual design of the project in the form of an operating system.
  • High return of 1.2% per day (return on investment 84 days).
  • No deposit bonus for registration 7 MHS (0.7 $).
  • Affiliate program 10% of the purchases of your referrals.
  • Possibility of mining: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, DASH and Monero.
  • Deposit is available only at BTC.
  • Withdraw funds: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, DASH and Monero.
  • The minimum amounts for withdrawal of funds: BTC \u003d 0.01, LTC \u003d 0.2, DOGE \u003d 2000, DASH \u003d 0.2, XMR \u003d 10.
  • Interface languages: English only.
  • Those. Support in Russian and English through live chat.
  • Protection against DDoS and SSL encryption certificate.
  • Project start: 09/14/2016.

 Register in the FireBit project to receive a 7MHS bonus and create a deposit

As for the registration process, then everything is simple: we fill out the registration form and confirm the registration by E-mail. Just like other projects, nothing complicated. In order to make a deposit, go to the ‘Finances’ section of your personal account, for this, double-click on the ‘Finances’ icon of the virtual desktop in your personal account, and then go to the ‘Deposit’ tab. Now all that is needed is to transfer the amount you need in BTC to the Bitcoin address that is displayed on this tab (minimum 0.0005 BTC), after which you will have to wait for the transaction to be confirmed by the Bitcoin Blockchain network and exchange the cue bits for the hashrate in the ‘Exchange’ section.

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