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Fin Rivers

Fin Rivers is a platform for joint investment in various projects. Profitability of the site from 5% and above, but in general profit varies depending on the chosen project. The launch took place on May 18, 2017.

The official website is Laconic design in bright colors, without unnecessary images and graphs, information is structured and written on the case. There is a news section that is periodically updated. Languages ​​do not have to choose, as the site works only in Russian.

Legend of Fin Rivers

According to legend, Fin Rivers was created by a group of ordinary people who have come a long way in the world of investment Internet projects. Once again, having lost money by investing in a “stop-start, really working project”, the founders of Fin Rivers decided that it’s enough to feed the scammers. It was decided to create their own, high-quality platform, where only proven projects with a good reputation will be placed. The goal of Fin Rivers is to create a community for joint earnings, in which even a small share of one participant will play a big role.

Fin Rivers Marketing Plan

The investment proposal of Fin Rivers is presented in the form of seven projects in which you can invest, but in essence these are the same tariff plans, since the investor does not really need to do anything except a contribution. Currently, 7 projects are available in Fin Rivers:

  • IT outsourcing
  • Social media marketing
  • Hashminer asic
  • Trust Management Aggressive
  • BTC Ninja
  • Trust management classic
  • HashMiner GPU

In general, the profitability of projects is from 100% to 155% per annum. The minimum deposit is $ 1, the nominal price of shares is from $ 0.3, the minimum withdrawal amount is $ 5. Payment systems: PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin,, WEX, Exmo, AdvCash. The withdrawal of funds is carried out in manual mode, and is processed within 30 minutes, the withdrawal commission is 1%.

The affiliate program offers from 1% to 5% of the partner’s investment amount. Each project sets the percentage of deductions individually. Some projects do not have an affiliate program. You can find out if the project has an affiliate program and what percentage can be found in the project description. Also, in the user’s personal account – if you have acquired at least one share.

Reviews and development prospects of Fin Rivers

The Fin Rivers platform has been operating for more than a year and during this time several new projects have been added. In general, the platform works well, without any negative from investors. But at the same time, no one can guarantee how long the site is going to work.

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