Faucet.Cloud – cloud mining with a bonus. Review and Reviews


Key Features Faucet.Cloud

Faucet.Cloud – cloud mining. A service for cryptocurrency mining, which allows you to earn the desired cue ball without having powerful equipment at hand. Many do not know that cloud mining actually exists. This is a kind of cooperative of people who do not have the technical ability to mine at home, and who transfer this function to cloud servers (of course, for a fee).

1) Give a bonus for registering 2000 DOGE (immediately transferred to power).

2) Profitability of about 1.8% per day.

3) You can mine 7 different cryptocurrencies.

4) Minimum payout amounts: 0.005 BTC, 0.1 LTC, 600 DOGE. 

About the Faucet

Cloud Project: The project was executed on the script of the Scurmrr service, which worked about a year ago. If this service has the same admins as a year ago, then it is better to refrain from deposits, because Scurmrr worked for only 2 months with a payback of 3 months, that is, he did not even let it go to zero. The Faucet.Cloud project has significantly redesigned the design and I think many will not even remember that they once worked in the same project, but in any case, as I said – if this project has the same greedy admins as Scurmrr , then you should not hope for a long work of the project. There are also very high minimum salaries for withdrawing BTC and LTC, but on DOGE the minimum salary is very low, on the contrary, apparently the admins want everyone to mine precisely DOGE. Actually with bonus powers, you can just try to get a minimum at DOGE.

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