Fast HYIP Investing Tactics


Fast HYIP Investing Tactics

Fast HYIP or on HYIP-SLANG simply “Fast” comes from the word Fast – fast. Fasts are those HYIPs that do not make you wait for profit, these are highly profitable HYIPs that bring profit in a few hours, a maximum of 1-2 days and bring 50-200% per day.

In the case of HYIPs, High profits \u003d quickly LOSES or closes, so it is important to adhere to certain tactics and rules of the game.

When to enter? When to contribute to fast

The harsh statistics are such that HYIPs that quickly close are more common than those that allow you to increase 3 times the contribution, so you need to catch a 1-2 wave.

Remember that summer is the least active time (people on vacation, in summer cottages, in nature, but not on the Internet), so HYIPs in summer become more risky.

When to leave the project

HYIP, in which they will invest, must look good, must have advertising, a legend, SSL and … in general, they invested in it, which means that the costs must be recaptured.

You can count on 1-2 laps, no longer worth it.
It is better to leave HYIP on Thursday, as on Friday and weekends the activity of investors decreases, and projects often close on the weekend.
Many projects have open contribution statistics, which can give you additional food for analysis.

Which tariff plan to choose

Some ultra-profitable HYIPs offer deposits of 500% per day, subject to a contribution of one year or more. Is funny That’s the answer, the shorter the time, the better, don’t be fooled by interest — scroll and withdraw as quickly as possible. 1-3 days maximum. There are many more projects, it is better to invest in another fresher.

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