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ExoClick is one of the oldest ad networks: it was founded in 2006.

In a month, the site gains 125 million impressions mainly on entertainment traffic, and the Adult category is also allowed.

ExoClick is an ad network that you will hear about all the time, working in affiliate marketing.

This source has a small amount of mainstream traffic (entertainment, lifestyle, video streaming, file uploading). But the main focus of this traffic source is Adalt.

Founded in 2006, today ExoClick reaches about 5 billion daily impressions. This is a huge inventory and a definite plus for the arbitrator.

The platform is self-serviceable, easy to use and navigate and provides an intuitive interface and detailed statistics that distinguish ExoClick from its competitors.

ExoClick also offers several dynamic tags, in order to simplify the process of tracking information for the subsequent optimization of campaigns.

Integration is quick and easy!

This is exactly the network that we would recommend to beginners – with its help, you can learn a lot and catch the main idea of ​​the business, especially statistical analysis and logical thinking when making decisions.

Campaign Creation

For anyone who wants to make money, you need to understand in detail how to create a campaign.

ExoClick has over 20 ad formats that you can work with, several categories, and detailed targeting!

Targeting on the platform is easy, mobile, and allows you to narrow the target audience, optimizing the campaign and working only with the right traffic.

Countries, operators, devices, OS, browsers, IP websites (white lists, black lists, premium), date-setting – there is everything you need!

Another important information provided by the platform when you launch a campaign is the amount of available traffic for the selected segment and the total amount of traffic for your sample.

This allows you to assume the approximate number of impressions that you will receive with a lot of competition (trending GEOs with a small amount of traffic will not be easy to convert initially) and how much you will spend as much as possible if you want to get all the traffic.

This calculator will also help you understand your position in the segment (we will discuss this in more detail later in the optimization section).

However, there is a little trick here. If you want to launch a whitelist / blacklist campaign, the amount of traffic in your sample will not change. This means that the displayed values ​​will not be more relevant.

On this site you can work with the following advertising formats:

  • Text blocks
  • Video ad
  • Banners (7 possible sizes)
  • Popander
  • Direct links and others.

Detailed and simple network

ExoClick is a great platform to work with. Of all the networks that we have seen, in this statistics the most complete.

You can detail your targeting, choose from various advertising formats, choose between Wi-Fi and the traffic of mobile operators, there is also SmartCPM.

The SmartCPM tool has been an advantage of this network for a long time, as it significantly reduces costs and simplifies optimization, working with a bid and with competition.

If you do not want to work with such bidding, you can always choose CPM or CPC.

The traffic quality of the platform is not bad, and the volumes are really huge for all GEOs.

Moreover, different types of ads for each country are also available to you. Among those with the largest volume, you can study 300×250, 300×100 and Popander.

ExoClick reports are quite detailed and complete, allowing users to take their campaigns to the next level!

The percentage of traffic that we receive from all targeted mobile traffic is usually sufficient, but we will also receive traffic from other operators (10-20%).

The interface of this platform is also quite easy to use, but can sometimes slow down if too many users use the platform at the same time.

What about the minimum deposit?

Do not be afraid: 200 € for electronic payment. If you want to transfer money through a bank, you will have to send at least 500 €.

Such amounts will cease to seem large to you when you begin to receive your first money earned by arbitration.

The ExoClick support team is very friendly and provides useful information. However, the importance of your account for the company will affect the level of support provided.

If you have a super-profitable account, you will be able to get a personal Manager Account, which will help you go deeper into the details of statistics and give practical advice on the campaign.

However, if you are an average arbitrageur, you do not need to be upset!

ExoClick support is fast and overall the team takes the initiative to help you. Each time you ask a question, you get an answer much faster than you expected.

ExoClick – Payment and Investment

When you start working with ExoClick, you first need to replenish the budget.

  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Paxum, Bank Transfer
  • Minimum deposit: depends on the payment method

Bank transfer – the minimum amount required for this method is 500 €.
Electronic payment – the minimum amount required for this method is 200 €.



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