Evadav Ad Network Overview: Monetization Tool


EvaDav Ad Network Overview

EvaDav is a customer-oriented native advertising network that provides advanced solutions to both advertisers and publishers who are integrated into a single platform. The network provides the best traffic for advertisers and covers one of the most promising markets for advertising formats – native advertising and push notifications.

Let’s see what immediately attracts attention in the ad network:

  • Agent targeting
  • Global coverage (250 GEO);
  • Low CPC due to its unique base;
  • Responsive English-speaking support 24/7;
  • Fast manual moderation from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

How to get started

First of all, as always, you should register in the system, after which an interface will be available for creating a campaign and / or monetizing your website traffic.

When registering, you can choose your role in the system: publisher or advertiser.


The platform allows you to receive advertising from the best world advertisers. As soon as the user subscribes to push notifications on the site, he begins to generate a steady income.

The first step is to go to the Streams section and add your website to the system.
EvaDav offers two main formats for the appearance of pushas:

Native – appears in the upper right part of the screen, is not an annoying call for mandatory signing for pushy.

Popup – a pop-up window on the site is considered a more aggressive call to subscribe to push notifications.
Creative pop-ups are limited only by your imagination, as the system offers more than 20 types of different templates that can be adapted to your site.
In this format for subscribing to push it is possible to choose a profit model: RevShare or CPA / When choosing a native subscription format, profits can only be made using RevShare.

You can create a campaign by going to the Campaigns tab. Everything is very simple and convenient here, but there are some peculiarities that you can figure out in which you will be on par with Steve Jobs in arbitration.
First of all, we prescribe the name of the campaign, target url. To limit the number of impressions to the user of one advertisement, set the frequency capping indicator.

Then you can fill in the push notification:

  1. Icon – 192 × 192 (jpeg, jpg, png);
  2. Title – up to 30 characters (with spaces);
  3. Description – up to 45 characters (with spaces);
  4. Image – 492 × 328 (jpeg, jpg, png).

Next, go to the campaign settings.

Depending on the type of device, browser, and other indicators, push notifications can work in different ways.

Friendly advice: we configure the same campaigns on different browsers, test, do the analysis, and then turn off what worked worse.

Further, the system suggests setting the start and finish time of the campaign, the total budget limit in dollars, the daily budget, plus the total and daily limit for clicks.

It is very important to immediately set up a high-quality blacklist, where less efficient sites should go. Qualitatively approach this issue in order not to drain the budget and work for the right audience initially. Whitelists and vertical breakdowns will be available soon.

 In the statistics section, you can see the volume of traffic by GEO:
  • 150MM daily hits and about 1MM clicks;
  • 6 billion impressions per month;
  • 20 + MM clicks.

Referral system

Also referral program should be referred to additional chips. For each attracted web you will receive 5% of its earnings.


EvaDav pleased with its simplicity and convenience. The guys have their own unique base, due to which we get cheap, but well-convertible traffic. Advertising is placed on sites of different verticals: music, download, cinema, entertainment resources and adult.

What is better to merge? The topic is large and there are no restrictions. It is best converted gambling, sweeps, dating, nutra, betting. Proposals with nudity, drugs, weapons, other illegal stuff, deceiving a user or threats against him will definitely not be moderated.

Another feature of EvaDav is manual moderation. By posting advertising during business hours, you can easily pour it after 30 minutes (subject to the rules of the advertising network). Out of hours, moderation takes up to 1 hour.

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