Eternal theme – HYIP or Forex


Eternal theme – HYIP or Forex

To not talk about HYIPs, but investors are willing to take risks, because the main advantage of these projects in the field of the same name among all other investments is a high return on deposits. The typical HYIP profitability is about 10-300% of the investor’s capital.

Of course, only investments in the Forex market and the stock exchange can be compared with such indicators.

But HYIPs do not require a lot of capital. In addition, the main advantages of HYIPs over the same Forex, with a sufficient degree of conventionality, can be called:

– the lack of need for a lot of capital from the investor;
– high liquidity;
– high profit;
– the lack of correlation between the amount of income received and the activity of the trustee.

That is, it is quite obvious that HYIPs have nothing to do with the PAMM account and mutual fund. HYIPs allow interest capitalization. Literally, this means that if 40% is promised within 30 days, and the investor’s contribution is 6 months, the total investment will increase by about 4 times. But bank deposits do not allow similar operations with such a high interest. If we talk about which HYIPs it is better to invest money in, then projects that have positive feedback from investors can serve as the best example of an investment. It turns out such a seemingly paradoxical situation.

Many scold HYIPs, linking their activities almost with fraud, and well-known payment systems refuse to work with them. And at the same time, it turns out that HYIP is a risky way to invest. Nobody argues with this.
Nevertheless, with a competent approach to the project by the investor, it can bring high profits. In fact, there are no analogues to the program under consideration, which is unconditionally recognized as highly profitable.

Although, in this regard, we should mention the Forex advisor and PAMM account. But unlike these investment methods, HYIP does not require any preparation and special skills from the investor. But if you think about it, then in investing in Forex, the trader bears the main mental load. Therefore, with this method of contributions, too, special skills are not required.

But the eternal problem of HYIP for the investor is a risk, whereas the PAMM account in this regard is almost neutral. Therefore, you need a clear investment plan by the investor.

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