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EROADVERTISING is an ad network dealing with traffic with adult content. Launched in the 2006th year. It works according to two schemes: CPC and CPM. CPM payout levels vary by country, device type, promotional materials, and other factors. 15,000+ partners work with the program; More than 1.8 billion impressions are delivered per day. Monetizes traffic from devices of various types – PCs, smartphones, tablets, IPTV / Console. GEO covers 200+ countries. There is an internal exchange to search for traffic sources.

A wide selection of advertising formats is presented: for PC – banners, text ads, redirects, ads in videos, in films, instant messenger popup, pop ads, interstitials, layers, page peel ads, thumb ads; For smartphones – banners, movie ads, redirects, layers, full page ads, interstitials; For IPTV / Console – banners, movie ads, IM pop up, pop ads. Targeting by geolocation, language, device type is available. Technical support works, the specialists of which speak several European languages.

There is a referral program, according to which 5% of the referral income is paid.

A distinctive feature of Ero-Advertising is its extensive list of supported ad formats:
– banners (with tariffing by format and positioning);
– embedding in the video (preroll, pause, midroll, postroll);
– redirects from direct links;
– embedding in the text;
– IM Pop-Up (imitation of messages of Internet messengers);
– Layer;- Page Peel;

– Page Peel;
– standard thumbs.

How to start making money with the affiliate program

Registration of advertisers and partners (publishers) in Ero-Advertising is performed separately.
Work with the affiliate program must begin with the addition and verification of the advertising platform (section ‘Websites’).
Checking the added sites is performed by the user by adding a special tag to the HTML code of the site’s main page.
Please note that after adding the tag, click on the ‘Verify site’ button.
Setting up affiliate codes takes place in the ‘Ad Spaces’ section.

During the configuration, the following changes are allowed:
– thematic focus of the ad unit (‘Rating’);
– format and positioning (‘Advertisement method’, ‘Ad Zone’);
– the appearance of the text description.

After saving the settings, the affiliate code is available in the main table of the ‘Ad Zones’ section.

Rules for participation

Spam, phishing, and malware distribution are prohibited. To get started, you need to add your web resource to the system, confirm it, and then set up an affiliate code for its further placement.


The minimum amount to withdraw funds is 10 euros. Payments are made weekly / monthly (depending on the chosen scheme) through PayPal, Paxum, Wire Transfer.

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