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Epay-x.com General Information and Features

On the eve of the New Year holidays, it’s time to think about adding to the list of investments with projects that can easily survive the upcoming holidays. Just such a resource will be discussed in this review and it is called – Epay-x.com. This asset has everything you need to easily wait out winter frosts and confidently declare itself in the new year. Modest marketing, strict limits and administration experience are good reasons to pay attention to Epay-x.com today.

Externally, the Epay-x.com project is very similar to a typical payment system with all its inherent attributes. On the main resource you won’t even find any investment conditions, since this information is opened only to registered users in your personal account. It is precisely as a payment system that the asset positions itself, and the legend is well worked out – you can replenish the balance in many ways, as well as the participants supposedly have access to cards.

Epay-x.com tells about itself in English – despite the fact that there is no Russian-language version, you can easily find out that the payment system has headquarters in London and is registered in the UK. From the information on the site it follows that EPAY-X PAYMENT SYSTEM LTD is a modern payment tool that was created for operations on the network and Internet businesses. In addition, the company says that it has on its staff investment managers who take funds in trust.

Specifications Epay-x.com

  • Domain NameCheap, registered for 3 years.
  • The script is self-written.
  • Data encryption CloudFlare Inc ECC CA-2 (until October 2020).
  • DDoS protection from Cloudflare.
  • Unique design.

 Investment Conditions at Epay-x.com

The opportunity to earn money on investments was presented as an additional direction of the EPAY-X PAYMENT SYSTEM LTD payment system, so a lot of emphasis is not placed on it. But enough to create an account on the site Epay-x.com, as you immediately get access to this area. According to the available tariffs, the project can be classified as a longer with a moderate interest rate.

The plans are designed for a long term deposit, and payments are made daily. You do not need to be an expert to understand that the “FOREX” tariff is designed for random inattentive investors, since by its terms it clearly loses to the “CRYPTOCURRENCY” plan. It is on the latter that we advise you to pay attention to your partners.


  • Percentage of return: from 0.5% to 1.5% per day
  • Deposit term: 365 days
  • Investment amount: from $ 10
  • Going through the breakeven: in 200-67 days
  • Profit per circle: from 82.5% to 447.5%


  • Percentage of return: from 1% to 5% per day
  • Deposit term: 185 days
  • Investment amount: from $ 10
  • Going through the breakeven: in 100-20 days
  • Profit per circle: from 85% to 825%

Reviews on the network about Epay-x.com indicate that the project has limits, although this information is not available on the site. Investors can invest no more than $ 25 per day, and the amount of deposits per week cannot exceed $ 100. This feature will allow Epay-x.com to work stably, without a large load on the cash register. In the future, perhaps these limits will be expanded, and the project will begin to accept more substantial amounts.

You can contribute to Epay-x.com through Ethereum, Bitcoin, Payeer, Perfect Money, Ripple and Litecoin. Inside the platform, conversion takes place and the crypto will be exchanged in dollars at the current exchange rate, and upon withdrawal, a reverse exchange will be carried out, and you will receive income in the currency in which you invested. If the proposed list of payment cards is still not enough for you, then we recommend that you exchange funds in any convenient way through an online exchanger.

Epay-x.com Affiliate Program

The fund’s referral program encourages the activity of not only investors, but also its customers who store money in the payment system, use cards and make financial transactions. We, as investors, are not interested in this area, so let us dwell on what Epay-x.com offers to partners attracting new investments. The remuneration is relied on only at one level of affiliate program, but it is quite attractive and amounts to 10% of the referral deposit.

  1. Visit the Epay-x.com Foundation website at the blog’s referral link.
  2. Register a new account in the system.
  3. Choose the tariff offer you are going to earn.
  4. Fund your account through any available payment method and create a deposit.
  5. Request a refback through a bot or refback page.

How to register to make a deposit and make a profit at Epay-x.com

Before we tell you about Epay-x.com reviews and opinions, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the features of registration on the project website. Since only registered users can work with the site, the first thing you need to do is create an account, you can do this after going to the main page of the resource. On it, select the button on the center of the page ‘Open an account’.

A registration form will appear in which you need to specify a username, mail, password, payment password, enter the verification code below and click the ‘Register’ button.

To create a deposit in your account must be money. To replenish, go to the “Refill balance” section, indicate the amount in the replenishment application, click the “Next” button and transfer money according to the project details.

You can create a deposit through the ‘Trust’ section. In it, select the tariff, indicate the amount of the investment and click the “Invest” button.

You can withdraw the profit accrued to your balance through the “Withdrawal of funds“ section. In the application you need to indicate the amount and payment password (which you specified during the registration process). Finally, click the ‘Next’ button.

Basic information about Epay-x.com

  • Official start of the resource: 11/27/2019
  • Language versions: English
  • Deposit and withdrawal of funds: Ethereum, Bitcoin, Payeer, Perfect Money, Ripple and Litecoin
  • Important:
  1. There are limits on the amount of the deposit – no more than $ 25 per day and $ 100 per week
  2. In the project, cryptocurrency is subject to conversion to dollar
  3. Upon withdrawal, there is a commission, which is 1% of the amount
  • Minimum investment amount: 10 $
  • Maximum deposit: the amount is limited by current limits
  • Affiliate program: single-level – 10%
  • Withdraw funds from the project: instant
  • Minimum withdrawal request: 0.1 $
  • Blog Contribution: $ 500;
  • Refback from the blog: 5%

 Reviews about Epay-x.com

Epay-x.com is not only a good option for portfolio diversification in the New Year period, but also a worthy fund in which it will be possible to earn stable income in 2020. Everything in the project indicates that it has been prepared with an eye to long-term work – this applies to both the technical component and low-key marketing. Epay-x.com positions itself as a payment system, the legend is well-developed, and the investment offer looks like an additional service.

The project has been in operation for a month, during this time it has not entered the active advertising phase and continues to work at the limits that were announced at the start. It is no coincidence that the administration restricts the flow of investments: these measures will make the work smooth, build up a reputation and survive the period of the New Year holidays, which is difficult for the industry. Therefore, only positive reviews about Epayx – this is a worthy candidate to replenish the portfolio, which can become exactly that dark horse that will fire loudly

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