Eobot Cloud Mining Review


Eobot – cloud mining service

Cloud mining service Eobot opened in 2013 and has been making payments so far. The service provides the ability to mine a large number of cryptocurrencies. Eobot is not a selling company of mining equipment; they themselves purchase capacities from well-known companies.

Buy Eobot Cloud

About the prices for contracts, we see no reason to indicate in our review, due to the fact that prices fluctuate too unpredictably within certain limits. We will only advise that the most optimal purchase of capacity is Cloud SHA-256 4.0 5 Year Rental. The term of the contract is 5 years. You can really make good money on this cloud.

Bonuses for Eobot customers

In the ‘FAUCET’ section you can get a daily bonus, either in the cryptocurrency you mine or in the power of the cloud – Cloud Mining. We recommend that you receive a bonus in the form of power in order to pump it to the full and subsequently mine the cryptocurrency many times faster.

 Mining Altcoins

Here you may be surprised that there are electronic money on Eobot cloud mining, which are extracted using various algorithms. For example, if you buy SHA-256 capacities, and the mined cryptocurrency is mined using the X11 algorithm. Strange, isn’t it ?! Everything is quite easy and simple! The main currency on this service is Bitcoin. Bitcoin is automatically converted to the currency you mine, taking into account the prices of electronic money.

About cryptocurrency mining using ‘Asic’ or your own ‘Farm’

Eobot Cloud Mining has an excellent feature for connecting your capacities to a pool. If you go to the ‘Pool Info’ section, you will see the installer of the program on your PC or ‘Farm’. Using it, the connection to the pool will take place, for this it is necessary to enter in the program the Server, Username and Password fields, which can be seen all in the same ‘Pool Info’ section.

The program for referrals As in all similar cloud mining services, there is a referral program, though here it is quite small, about 1% of the level of any cryptocurrency being pumped by your referrals, both through the site and on your own referral equipment.

To summarize

Eobot is a really high-quality cloud mining service, which has proven itself very well over several years. But there is one thing but! You can’t earn much on the Eobot service, if you invest in the purchase of capacities on their website, the payback will not come soon. If you invest, then try to invest in Genesis Mining or the same Hashflare. Payback and profitability are higher. But do not underestimate Eobot, getting daily bonuses you can gradually pump it, but this is a rather long lesson. You decide! Thank you for reading this review of the Eobot Cloud Mining Service.

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