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Basic Service Information Enwy

We draw your attention to the new mid-percent Enwy with unlimited marketing from 2% to 4% per day, where the profit depends on the amount of investment. The project is positioned as an online platform for mining currencies with real-time accrual of profits. The resource appeared on the portal immediately after the launch, which puts our partners in a priority position. Investment thresholds for input and output are available for everyone, and given the possibility of payments to any EPS with instant processing, participation in the project becomes even more attractive. The development of the fund takes place according to a quiet scenario, suitable just for such medium-term periods; otherwise, it is necessary to observe further PR in the course of events.

According to legend, the Enwy project is a modern platform for cloud mining. Using this service, each user will be able to independently produce such well-known cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE) and USD, distributing power in the required ratio. The mining process takes place under full round-the-clock control in real time.

The design of the project is unique, developed in a modern style and has a beautiful dynamic wrapping. Externally, the project is imprisoned for the description of the legend and allows you to feel like a real miner of popular currencies. The content is original, it contains a minimum of textual information, mainly the emphasis is placed on statistics by numbers. Use the menu section ‘Calculation’ to calculate profit. Select a currency, enter the amount to be replenished, and the system itself will indicate the amount of power received by you and calculate the profit for a day, 10 days, a month, 100 days and a year. On the statistics page, you can monitor the current market exchange rate and monitor the latest deposits and payments. The design is translated into 4 languages: Russian, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Enwy’s investment plans are open-ended and allow you to earn from 2% to 4% per day, depending on the volume of acquired capacity, Gh / s. After replenishing the balance, power is bought automatically at the rate of 1 USD \u003d 100 Gh / s, you just have to choose the desired currency or cryptocurrency for mining and set the percentage of power. If you plan to mine only one type of currency, then move the slider all the way, but you can also distribute power to several coins, only production will go slower. The more power you have for mining, the faster the daily profit will grow. For example, you replenished your account with $ 50, thereby receiving 5000 Gh / s, which will bring you 2.6% daily. If you want to increase profitability, you can buy capacity to the next level and get a higher percentage. That is, replenishing the account by another $ 50, you will get a total of 10,000 Gh / s, which is enough to get 2.8% per day. Charges on deposits are carried out in live mode, the body of the deposit is not allowed to withdraw.

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