Energi (NRG): cryptocurrency overview


Energi (NRG)

Energi is a type of self-financing cryptocurrency.

Energi’s goal is to offer a self-financing system that will ultimately turn into a profitable platform for smart contracts. Thus, Energi should be a great investment opportunity both now and in the future.


Many investors may wonder, what is the ultimate goal of this unique new cryptocurrency?

The main goal is to introduce this unique new currency to the world and at the same time create a solid foundation.

  • A solid foundation is created due to the fact that each month issues decent 40% of the total number of 1 million. Energi coins are issued into the treasury system.

Current cryptocurrencies provide only 1/4 of this amount. Such as PIVX, Dash and other cryptocurrencies offer only a maximum distribution of 10% to the treasury.

  • Another important goal is that the Treasury is decentralized. Having a decentralized treasury allows master nodes to vote on where they want to receive funds.

The advantage is that Energi can pay investors and developers, and as it continues to grow, the treasury budget will allow more collaboration. Increased collaboration leads to growth and positive feedback.

  • Energi also has a higher inflation rate, and this feature will stimulate spending and reinvest.
  • Energi has a goal to use the entire amount of its treasury budget from month to month.

This will be especially true during the first few months as it is created. It will also help to identify activities with a higher value and all the best participants who will receive the maximum return on the added value of the system compared to costs.

Energi’s philosophy is:

That every dollar that is reinvested in the system should give a lot more if it is invested properly to developers. He understands that it is also important to get benefits after incorporating the best marketing efforts and using other expenses.


Ticker: NRG
Blocking time: 1 minute.
Hash Algorithm: EnergiHash (similar to Ethereum).
Masternode Requirements: 10,000 Energi.
Treasury cycle: Every 14 days.

About 1 million Energi is produced per month.
The distribution can be easily observed as ’10/10/40/40.’
10% to Energi trunk
10% to miners
40% to Masterdods
40% to the treasury

A delay of 150 days was started to pay remuneration to the main node. The reason for this is to ensure that Energi is widely distributed.

This process will also allow the campaign to complete several rounds of Earndrops. This completed campaign ensures that a large number of Energi are distributed throughout the community. Until this point is reached, the awards of the main node will continue to be sent to the Treasury.

This means that during the first five months, the Treasury will accumulate approximately 368,000 NRG every 14 days. Thus, the aerodrome campaign was designed to provide 4 million Energi to the entire community.

Will there be a limit on the number of coins? The answer to this question is no. By setting several restrictions, this would mean the inevitable end of the rewards of the Main Junction and the Treasury. Both are vital to network growth and survival.

Rewards at Masternode

The rewards at Masternode are quite high (note that there are only 400 Masternodes on the network, each Masternode (which requires only 10,000 Energi) will generate 1,000 Energi per month, or 12,000 Energi per year.

If the number of Masternodes is 200, then each Masternode generates more than 2000 Energi per month! In any case, this is similar to the massive return of 100% + of Energi’s profitability per year (at the beginning, and will gradually decrease over time).

The start date on which rewards for the master were accrued was approximately September 17, 2018.


Energi began its activities as a Dask-fork to improve and use the management and treasury system. We believe that a strong treasury model and active management provide a solid foundation for the long-term development of cryptocurrency.


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