EmiCoin Cloud Mining: Best Services and Profitability


EmiCoin Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining Service Overview

This EmiCoin review will be useful, first of all, for beginners in the world of making money on the Internet, but it may also be interesting for already experienced Internet users who managed to earn big money on cryptocurrency mining. Cloud mining service EmiCoin is a newcomer to the cloud mining market. This is good on the one hand, and bad on the other, which I will dwell on in more detail below. So, I thought about where to invest more and watched this service for a couple of weeks. More recently, I just decided to invest in mining in this company, having bought exactly 3 MTC capacities. Although EmiCoin.com reviews are extremely positive, this is a new project, I was afraid to invest more, nevertheless I try not to invest in projects that promise a yield of above 30%. But given my rather rich experience of earning on the Internet in cryptocurrency mining, I decided for myself to entrust money to them. Just a month later, having received a good profitability of 66.65% per month and identifying EmiCoin cloud mining as a fairly reliable project in the “profit / risk” ratio, I decided to share my experiences and considerations that guided me when deciding to invest in EmiCoin cryptocurrency mining , which will be relevant for those who are looking for money on the Internet at home. The fact that EmiCoin has only good reviews and their reputation is clean, I found out by checking the forums and specialized Internet resources, no negative information.

So, I started by analyzing the EmiCoin.com website, as this is practically the only source of information that can be designated as official. The company’s website was registered on 11/14/2014 and is maintained by a hosting provider located in the United States. At the same time, mining capacities are located in Europe (3 farms somewhere in Europe with aggregate capacities of more than 10 pH / sec). This service positions itself as a high-class company offering favorable conditions for the purchase of mining facilities. The company’s website has a lot of different information on a common topic, which does not give an accurate understanding of the technology of work and competitive advantages. Capacities are sold by contracts worth from 0.001 bitcoin (BTC) (with a fixed yield of 1.72%), from 3 bitcoin (BTC) (with a fixed yield of 2.15%), from 15 bitcoin (BTC) (with a fixed yield of 2.6% ) and from 60 bitcoins (BTC) (with increasing returns from 3.1% to 4.5%). But, frankly, I do not belong to investors who need to know how the project really provides such a return. As an investor, the opportunity to profitably return the investment is important to me. But I suspect that these guys are seriously mining alternative cryptocurrencies, the extraction of which is very profitable in a rapidly growing market in comparison with the already untwisted and expensive mining of bitcoins (BTC), lightcoins (LTC) or pre-coins (DOGE). In general, if it were not for the bitcoin that has decently dropped in price over the past six months, I would not even have thought that EmiCoin could close. Just the perfect income on the Internet at home, even invested $ 100 and at the end of the month you have a solid income of more than $ 150.

Deposit and withdrawal of money is possible in bitcoins. Entering money, of course, in the form of a non-refundable deposit (returning your money, for example, by selling your capacities, will not work), but this is not scary. Withdrawal of money is possible daily, pays at any time, EmiCoin does not delay payments. The commission for withdrawing money in the first month is wild 9%, up to three months – 4.5%, after 3 months – 2.5%. Well, EmiCoin can be understood. High commissions prevent many from taking their profits and, accordingly, make this company more financially stable.

In general, investing in EmiCoin looks very profitable, the profitability is much higher than the average market in cloud mining. Common situation! 70% of projects with such signs turn out to be a scam and, not having survived even a month, they close (they stop paying). And the remaining 30%, as a rule, work for more than 3 months and provide an opportunity to return the invested money and make good money. I immediately recall Cointellect and Scrypt.cc. The first chamfered, and the second work safely now. But Cointellect during my time investing in them made it possible to return the money invested and make good money, so I have no complaints even despite the scam (I invested $ 900, and withdrew $ 2,433). In less risky Scrypt.cc invested a little more, but the project paid and pays further with a yield of not 18% per month (excluding reinvestment) for more than 4 months. But back to EmiCoin. So, I have all the prerequisites to believe that my success with the above companies will be repeated with EmiCoin.

Data from forums from investors who bought power from EmiCoin, monitoring fraudulent projects and specialized portals about mining services and cryptocurrencies (the English and Russian-speaking segment of the Internet) confirmed that EmiCoin works well and pays its customers in a disciplined manner. This is an important indicator, potential fraudsters, as a rule, leave dirty traces of poor work (ideally, fraudsters are not going to work ideally for the benefit of future victims: customer support is slow or inadequate, frequent problems with payments, problems with access to accounts Etc.).

High profitability, daily payments and a profitable referral program (three-level system of 5% + 2% + 1%) give reason to believe that with such profitability it really should be out of luck so as not to have time to return the invested money. The main thing here is not to waste time. High-yield cryptocurrency mining usually lives no more than one year. This is 100% HYIP, but I think you can invest $ 50 or $ 100 in such a promising project, without hesitation, I entrusted my money and I have no regrets. But always remember the possible risks of a failed investment and follow the Golden Investment Rules. But at the moment I believe that EmiCoin is a fairly reliable project in terms of return on investment.

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