ElderHash.com – cloud mining with a bonus


The main features of the service ElderHash

1) Give a registration bonus of 150 GH / s.

2) Profitability of 10% per day.

3) Bitcoin is mined.

4) Minimum payout amount: 0.0005 BTC.

Project start: 02.02.2018.

Opinion about ElderHash

This is another project from the probably already famous admin – so far almost all of his projects have been working out with a bang and have allowed those who invested in the first days to get a decent profit. The last service from this admin was SpaceMining, which worked for 23 days at a yield of 10% per day. I invested in SpaceMining on the second day after its opening and, accordingly, received 120% of the profit from my deposit, which is very decent figures.

Of course, you can never be 100% sure that the project does not come up quickly – in spite of the fact that so far all the services created by this admin have worked for a long time and allowed to go in plus, there are no guarantees that this one will work just as well. But still, I took a chance and invested 0.02 BTC here, I hope ElderHash also does not disappoint me and will work for more than 20 days. Speaking of the bonus – it’s quite good here, as much as 150 GH / s, but they won’t give it out without depositing, so you simply should not count on bonus powers – in order to unlock the conclusions you will need to either make a contribution or attract active referrals.

Elderhash – a new project that has not had time to light up anywhere. It offers very tasty investment conditions and the first line of investors, which my partners will become, has the opportunity to earn money with Elderhash while others do not even know about its existence. The big plus of the project is that it works with bitcoins and enables investors to earn on cryptocurrency additionally due to the volatility of the rate – while cue ball in deep drawdown you can buy at least a few coins and increase their number thanks to excellent marketing. Summing up all the above, I will say that the project looks confident and has every chance of a good job.

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