EDC Blockchain Project Overview


EDC Blockchain (EDC) cryptocurrency review

EDC Blockchain is a global platform with its own cryptocurrency, where ready-made blockchain solutions for any type of business are available to you.

Any cryptocurrency must be built on a unique technology platform. The idea of ​​smart contracts has expanded the possibilities of creating applications on the blockchain. The principle of decentralization allows you to create a variety of applications on one blockchain, safely operating with large amounts of data. At the same time, a decentralized blockchain scheme reliably ensures their immutability.

The developing blockchain industry, including Ethereum, is not without the common problems that arise when trying to make the system scalable, maintain the speed of operations with tokens at a high level, and make tokens more universal and technologically simple.

The complexity of the blockchain software constructs requires the involvement of specialists of a special profile for its development, and vulnerabilities in the code can reduce the security of the entire system.

The IT sector is booming, and many new projects with original solutions appear. The developers of EDC Blockchain analyzed existing technologies and created their own blockchain based on BitShares 2.0 Graphene.

The strengths of this technology are the highest performance among existing analogues and, as a consequence, the ability to create highly loaded systems based on EDC Blockchain. Each application has its own blockchain.

Regardless of the load, the application does not affect the rest of the network. Due to such a device, the payment rate is up to 100,000 operations per second.

On many blockchains, it is difficult to create your own application. To do this, you often need to know specialized programming languages. On the EDC Blockchain platform, a blockchain constructor has been created, with which you can create applications from modular blocks with flexible settings without programming skills.

This designer provides features such as issuing cryptocurrencies for ICOs, tokenizing real assets, creating cryptocurrencies with the possibility of PoS mining.

EDC Blockchain has a stably functioning single platform with a million users. It provides opportunities for the development of startups and applications using its technology.

Implemented functions

A wallet has been developed for the platform for transactions in EDC coins. It is planned to support multiple currencies and access to the exchange.

EDC tokens are mined using the LPoS algorithm, which allows their holders to earn money by storing coins by leasing unused tokens. This means that assets are beneficial to store in the EDC, rather than convert or sell coins.

Profit obtained in this way is accrued every day in an amount that depends on the length of the leasing period. For 3 months you can get 8% per month, for 6 – 10% and 12% profit per month after a six-month lease. In order to send coins on lease, you just need to allocate a certain amount of them on your wallet.

The wallet supports the ability to create your own applications related to cryptocurrency, and offers various tariffs for this.

Development plans

It is important to note that today the EDC wallet can only be used as a web service. Plans to create applications for different OS and mobile platforms.

Native applications can only be created on the EDC blockchain. In the future, it is planned to provide users with a constructor with much more universal capabilities, on which it will be possible to create applications on absolutely any blockchain using the same flexible customizable EDC Blockchain modules.

A private exchange connected to the wallet and an ICO platform will be developed with the help of which it will be possible to attract investment in a startup related to cryptocurrency.

Thus, there are many ways to profitably use the ETC blockchain platform. This is earning money on mining and leasing of tokens, and the rapid creation of promising applications on a modular constructor, and attracting investment in own projects. To this, it is worth adding that the ETC token is successfully traded on many crypto exchanges.


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