Easy money or how to watch online videos for money


People who are in search of ways to earn extra income on the Internet can be helped by special sites where you need to watch online videos to earn money. This simplest way to make a profit is suitable even for schoolchildren, because no financial investments, special skills for working in such an area on the World Wide Web are required.

The main thing is to find a good site where you need to watch online video to earn money. Of all the existing sites of this kind, we identified only two. They really get a small but honest profit:

  • Forumok
  • ‘Qcomment’.

To start working on them, you must:

  • Log in. Registration is very simple: just come up with a username, password, enter an email address or phone.
  • Indicate in the settings of each system payment data where you will earn credited money. By the way, on these sites, you can not only watch videos, but also perform various other tasks – put likes under pictures and posts, read letters, answer test questions.
  • Choose for yourself a suitable option of work and proceed with its implementation. For example, on sites where you need to watch online videos to earn money, the income can be about $ 1 in 2 hours. Only here is a very important remark – all the plots offered by the customer for viewing must be inspected from beginning to end. Otherwise, payment will not be made.
  • The more tasks you perform on these sites, the higher your rating will become, which means that payment for work will gradually increase.

Those who want to make big money on the network may be interested in another opportunity, which is quite popular today – the high-yield investment fund HYIP. At first, making small financial investments, you can get from 10 to 200% of the profit from the initial investment per month. If at your personal disposal there is a small amount that you could put into circulation to earn money on the World Wide Web, then do not miss this unique opportunity.

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