Easy Cash Money – low interest investment project


Easy Cash Money

Easy Cash Money is a low-interest investment project with a return of 0.1% to 2% daily throughout life (well, or until the project works), from 2% to 5% daily for a year, 5% is fixed daily for Of the year. Project start: January 11, 2018.

Official site – https://www.easycash.money. All information is completely in English, however, everything is very clear even without in-depth knowledge. In the Invest section, tariff plans are described, which we will consider a little later. The site design looks good, you can even say the site looks like a classic option for an investment site.

There is an SSL certificate from Comodo CA Limited, a user script, and DDoS protection from KoDdos. Based on the contact information provided on the website, the company is located in London and accordingly has official registration in the UK (registration number by which you can verify this information is 07657291).

Legend Easy Cash Money

According to legend, it is indicated on the project website that the main activity of Easy Cash Money is focused on Forex trading. At the moment, the project team consists of experienced traders with in-depth knowledge in this field. The main goal of the company is to increase profits and help earn additional funds for its investors. The site is described in more detail, but I think you caught the main idea of ​​the legend.

 Easy Cash Money Marketing Plan

We turn to the most interesting – how much can you earn in a project? The investment proposal is presented in five options:


  • Profitability 0.1% – 2% daily
  • Lifetime – All Life
  • Minimum deposit amount – $ 10


  • Profitability 2% – 5% daily
  • Lifetime – 365 days
  • Minimum deposit amount – $ 100


  • 5% daily profitability
  • Lifetime – 365 days
  • Minimum deposit amount – $ 200


  • Profitability 7% daily
  • Duration of work – 250 days
  • Minimum deposit amount – $ 300


  • 15% daily profitability
  • Duration of work – 180 days
  • Minimum deposit amount – $ 400

Each tariff plan indicates the maximum number of slots for investment. More information about the marketing proposal can be found on the official website of the project, after registration. Payments are made in manual mode.

Payment systems: BTC, Payeer, Perfect Money, AdvCash, Ethereum, BitCoin, Bank Wire, Dash, BitCoin Cash. The affiliate program has one level and offers to receive 5% of the amount of the contribution of your partner.

 Prospects for development and reviews of Easy Cash Money

Judging by the feedback of investors on the mmgp.ru forum, the project was not very joyfully accepted, but nevertheless, there were people who took a chance and made a contribution. Six months later, the site continues to pay its investors.

A minimum contribution of $ 10 allows beginners to enter the project and test it. But of course, having invested a large amount, the amount of income will increase many times, but along with this, the risks of losing all investments increase, this must be taken into account.

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