Earnings on HYIP. Theory and practice


Hip earning opportunities

The Internet offers a huge number of earning options. One of them is investing in hypes. But is such a way of making money so easy?

Theoretical basis

Classic HYIP is a financial pyramid that has a disguise in the form of a legend about investment activity in a certain area, work with securities and so on. In fact, about 99% of all hype are not engaged in any investment activity, and all payments are made exclusively at the expense of new depositors. In most cases, they are characterized by promises of making big profits as soon as possible, providing guarantees and so on.

Practical component:

Practice differs significantly from theory. All the stories about the guarantee of payments, reviews of enthusiastic investors, all this is a beautiful shell for attracting new participants. Of course, making money on HYIP projects is possible, and is a reality, but you can do this on units of offers that you need to properly fetch from a variety of offers on the network.

For successful earning on HYIPs, you must strictly adhere to a specific set of rules and instructions. This is the only way to protect and increase equity.

The basic rules of investment in HYIP

1 The main rule of participation in such projects is investing only such amounts, the loss of which will not seriously affect the financial stability of the investor. When working with HYIPs, there are no guarantees, so you need to be prepared for the loss of money.

2 Diversification of investments. This action can significantly reduce the risks of bankruptcy. Investing in several projects at the same time allows you to count on making a profit, even in cases where several hyipas have closed.

3 Availability of reserves. They are needed in case a new profitable hype appears, when all fixed assets have already been invested in the business. It is worth remembering that the longer a hype exists, the higher the risks of its closure.

4 The funds received as a result of investment or referral earnings should preferably be collected in a reserve bank. The refinancing process in this case is undesirable.

5 Attracting referrals (new members) is an effective way to increase the profitability of working with HYIPs. This type of earnings represents the receipt of a percentage of the amount of funds of attracted investors.

6 It is advisable to form an investment portfolio through hyips with varying degrees of profitability. Most of the funds are best invested in low-profitable, but reliable projects (rates up to 15% per month). Medium- and high-yielding hyip should account for a smaller portion of the investment, as they are among the more risky investments. The latter offer more than 60% per month, but there are a minimal number of real paying projects.

7 Investing is only your own funds. No loans, loans or borrowed money from relatives.

8 Timely withdrawal of funds. Only investors who can terminate their participation in the project in a timely manner can earn money on HYIPs. Do not dream of a quick enrichment. The higher the interest offered, the less likely they will be paid.

Candidate Selection

Each experienced HYIP investor has its own selection criteria. Someone is interested in information about certificates, someone evaluates the design of the site, someone relies on reviews. It should be understood that not always a beautiful shell is the key to the solvency of a resource. Often sites with a mediocre design are viable and more profitable than “beautiful” projects.


Practice and long-term observations show that the risks of investing in HYIPs are also seasonal dependent. For example, at the end of the year, most of the projects are closed, as their administrators begin to take stock of their activities and withdraw funds before the holidays. A similar situation is observed in August, when the ‘summer’ projects cease to work. They are also people, and plan their summer vacations.

Summing up, it should be noted that any investment activity on the Internet is associated with risks, and working with hyps is no exception. That is why initially it is necessary to be prepared for material losses. Even strict adherence to the rules for investing in HYIP does not give a 100% guarantee of success. Nevertheless, it is impossible to win without risk, and you must put up with it.

Well, making money on hyip is possible, but it is a difficult job associated with risks and requiring certain skills and experience working with hyip-projects.

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