Earnings on affiliate programs with and without a website


How to choose an affiliate program

Affiliate program – an option for mutually beneficial cooperation between a partner and a commercial organization-advertiser. Offer – a unique partnership offer from the advertiser, which sets out the terms and conditions for partners.

Earnings on affiliate programs on the Internet is available to all users without exception, but there are a number of features …

How to make money on affiliate programs

The essence of earnings is that you recommend people the goods or services of the offer. Bring new customers, customers and buyers, and in return receive a cash reward.

This is logical, because without your participation the seller would not have received customers and would not have earned money. It is cheaper and more profitable for a seller-advertiser to share a small percentage or part of the income with partners than to buy expensive and not always effective advertising.

To earn money on an affiliate program (with and without a website) you need:

1. Choose a high-quality and stable affiliate program in which 100% will pay.

2. Register and receive affiliate promotional materials with a unique identifier.

3. Attract targeted traffic and conversions to the advertiser’s project.

4. Get affiliate rewards for the work done.

You can search for potential customers through a variety of channels approved by the terms of the affiliate program. At this stage, a personal website gives advantages in terms of simplicity and scale of traffic attraction.

For convenience and easy search of partners, advertisers are united in affiliate networks, where offer catalogs are formed. Affiliate programs in networks are divided by topics and regionality, exclusivity and targeted activity, type of traffic and advertising tools, profitability, etc.

How to choose the right affiliate program from this variety, we will tell you a little later, and now look at the pros and cons …

Advantages and disadvantages of earning money on affiliate programs

Let’s start with the advantages and positive qualities.

1. Zero entry threshold. To participate do not need money. You register as a partner and immediately start earning.

2. High profits. Successful earnings on affiliate programs can turn into a main and stable source of income. 100-1000 dollars a month is far from the limit.

3. Accessibility and versatility. Anyone can work with affiliate programs. In the variety of affiliate programs, there are proposals on a variety of topics and regions.

Choose for yourself which affiliate program is closer to you and earn. There are no restrictions.

4. The possibility of growth. Virtually every affiliate program owner also provides referral earning opportunities.

Bringing new partners into the system, one can significantly increase the total income due to referral interest.

5. Testing, changing and combining. Participation in an affiliate program is not binding. In a matter of minutes, you can change affiliate programs, test them and combine them to generate income from several offers.

6. Opinions and reviews. There are many specialized sites on the Internet with reviews and opinions, descriptions and reviews of the best affiliate programs.

Useful information is on thematic forums, blogs and social networks, directly in affiliate networks. Finding a list of the best affiliate programs with good reviews is easy.

As for the shortcomings of affiliate programs, there are only 3 of them:

1. Unstable income. Even with long-term successful earnings, there is no guarantee that the offer will continue to work tomorrow, and will not close the affiliate at will.

2. The risk of paid promotion. It’s about professional earnings in traffic arbitration. Having invested in advertising affiliate programs, there is a risk of wasting finances.

3. Another unpleasant topic is the unexpected blocking of affiliate accounts for violations (real or imaginary) with the withdrawal of earnings.

How to choose an affiliate program for earning

1. Theme. The choice of affiliate program begins with the selection of topics that are close to you. If the traffic source is a website or community on the social network, thematic matching plays a paramount role.

2. Originality. Promoted affiliate product (product or service) must be unique.

It’s easier to advertise WOW products, new products, original, mutually beneficial and interesting offers. The fewer competitors in the market, the greater the chances of making money.

3. Profitability. The higher the affiliate income, the more difficult the partner’s task. Do not chase huge bets, making money there will not be easy. Pick up an affiliate program with an average reward, but constant demand.

In affiliate networks, the yield on an offer is determined by the click performance indicator (eCPC – the cost of one click on an advertisement). Consider this option first.

4. Bonuses and discounts. To attract new customers, advertisers often give discounts and give bonuses. This is an additional motivation that increases the number of clicks on links and increases the profit of the partner.

5. Frequency of payments. The lower the minimum amount for withdrawal, the faster it is typed. The frequency of payments depends on this. Agree that making 1 ruble is easier than $ 100.

Payments – on request or on schedule (for example, 1 time per week), but first you will have to dial a minimum.

6. Methods of withdrawal. Make sure in advance that the proposed withdrawal methods are convenient for you. Be careful with affiliate programs that force you to spend money on the offer website and do not withdraw money.

7. Sources of traffic. A variety of traffic sources expands the earning opportunities for the partner.

This is especially important if there is no site. Make sure in advance that the offer will pay for conversions received from social networks, blogs, forums or advertising.

8. Regionality. To avoid further conflicts, check if the traffic matches the advertiser’s conditions. Otherwise, there will be many failures and difficulties in receiving payments.

9. Promotional materials and tools. High-quality promotional materials simplify the task of the partner. These can be banners, sliders, application forms, online consultants, landing pages, shop windows and shopping carts, ready-made announcements, coupons and discounts, etc.

Rate the attractiveness of promotional materials and tools to attract traffic. If possible, check their performance (CTR is important).

10. Prospects for cooperation. For serious and long-term work with a specific affiliate program, it is better to choose products that are in constant demand and popularity.

You will invest considerable effort in the promotion and advertising of the affiliate program, which means you must be sure of long-term income and stability of payments.

11. The cost of the product. It makes no sense to advertise a training course that is free to download from the Internet and publicly available. Customers also will not buy expensive goods, which objectively cost much less.

12. Payment model. Different affiliate programs pay for different target activities: registration or applications, purchases or views, clicks or subscriptions, calls or achievements in games, downloads or installations, etc.

Determine in advance what exactly forms the conversion, how payments are calculated.

13. Hold time (hold). To protect themselves from fraud and cheating, affiliate program owners are forced to check the traffic coming from partners.

Hold time – time for checking traffic. For this period, funds are frozen in a special account, and after verification they are transferred to the partner’s balance sheet and become available for withdrawal.

14. Terms and conditions. Carefully study the conditions of the affiliate program and make sure that they are suitable for you.

15. Access to participation. Despite the general availability of affiliate programs, there are special offers that accept participants individually. Often these are the most profitable projects where you need:

  • Submit a personal application for participation;
  • List the used traffic channels;
  • Indicate ways and methods of attracting an audience;
  • To prove (for example, screenshots) the previous experience of participation in such affiliate programs;
  • Confirm ownership of the site or community on social networks.

Thus, the criteria listed here will be enough to select 5-10 affiliate programs for further testing. And only as a result of testing, you can accurately determine whether it is worth working with an affiliate program or it is better to continue the search.

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