Earn Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on crane rotators


What are cryptocurrency cranes

Earning Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on taps is one of the easiest ways to earn income on the Internet without any investments and special skills. Of course, it will not be very large – from 20 to 60 dollars a month (otherwise everyone would have earned it that way), but it is stable and affordable for everyone who has the opportunity to stay online 4-7 hours a day.

Initially, Bitcoin faucets (from the English ‘Bitcoin faucet’) called Internet portals, which were created to popularize Bitcoins. They invited their users to get acquainted with general information about the possibilities of cryptocurrency, and then advised to create a wallet and make the first test payment. For the latter, sites provided their users with a special bonus – a small amount of bitcoins to replenish the newly created wallet, most often handed out satoshi, since this is the smallest unit (coin) \u003d 0.00000001 bitcoin.

A little later, when there were a lot of such resources, people began to collect these small amounts of crypto money 1-2 times a day, thus receiving a modest but stable income. When the owners of the cranes noticed this, they realized that it was possible to make good money on such traffic. It is enough to create a simple Internet resource where visitors will be given bitcoins for being on the site or for performing certain actions (entering captcha, opening a banner, participating in an arcade game, etc.).

Money from attracted traffic can be received due to:

  • Advertising;
  • Decryption of captcha;
  • Traffic increase;
  • Affiliate programs.

 What are the taps and how to make money on them

Conventionally, all cryptocurrency cranes can be divided into two types – with instant earnings and with the accumulation function.

Instant earnings on Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency taps implies that the user:

  • Will create a third-party cryptocurrency wallet.
  • Will go to the site of the crane.
  • Make sure that there is money in the crane account (if the account is empty, then bonuses will not be issued).
  • Enter the number of your wallet, immediately or after some action (captcha, game, antibot).
  • Click on the “Get Bonus” icon (it may have a slightly different name, but the essence does not change).

Earnings on taps with an accumulative system are a bit more complicated, since such services require registration, and bonuses are withdrawn only after a certain amount of bitcoins is accumulated.

What are crane rotators

Rotators (from the English “rotate” – “rotate”) Bitcoin of cranes and other cryptocurrencies are Internet resources that simplify the collection of bonuses. This is done due to the fact that in one place a large list of relevant sites is collected and automation is set up for a significant number of actions related to getting Satoshi. In addition, there are timers and convenient filters on the rotator portals to search for the most favorable conditions regarding earnings.

As a rule, to use rotators you need:

  • Create a cryptocurrency wallet, most often these are Bitcoin wallets.
  • Open the rotator site and register on it.
  • Set up a rotator for yourself and attach a wallet to it.
  • Open the list of cranes.
  • Start the process of collecting bitcoins.

At the same time, using a rotator, you need to understand that he will not do absolutely everything on his own. The user will still open the window of the tap, enter the captcha and click the ‘Get Bonus’ button. In addition, if registration is required, then the user will also do this.

How do rotator owners make money? Mainly due to transitions to crane sites, which is carried out through referral links, the commission from which goes to the account of the owner of the rotator. And also through advertising.

Comparatively, the advantages and disadvantages of collecting on rotators are obvious:

  • The administration compiles a list of cranes and monitors the balance of accounts – a definite plus for saving user time and effort spent on selecting the best bonus sites;
  • If the rotator is ‘covered with a copper basin’, all earned satoshi that the user does not have time to withdraw will most likely be blocked – this is a minus.

2 best rotators

Faucethub.io is a relatively new micro-wallet with a convenient crane rotator where you can earn Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin. It is convenient, fast, has a fairly large list of sites that distribute bitcoins. Its only drawback is the lack of Russification. The minimum payment amount is 20,000 Satoshi.

Faucetsystem.com is another foreign rotator with a simple and very easy interface, which is easy to figure out even if you don’t know English. Its main pluses are the speed of reaction to “withered” and “fraudulent” taps, the main disadvantage is the small list of sites. The minimum amount for payments is 15,000 Satoshi. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin are dealt.

A simple way to increase earnings at times

To increase the amount of payments from foreign cranes by 3-7 times, you need to change your IP address from ‘CIS’ to American or one of the European ones (Britain, Germany, France). This is easiest to do in one of 3 ways:

  • Using the Tor browser;
  • Installing a special extension in your browser (ZenMate, anonymoX, Browsec, Hola);
  • Installing a program to change the IP address (Free Hide IP, Proxy Switcher, SafeIP), in principle, any VPN will do.

Why is it important? Most of the earnings on cranes are payments for advertising and commission from affiliate programs. In this case, the amount of income directly depends on the country of the user’s location, since the cost of advertising depends on the solvency of the audience.


Summing up, it is important to once again note that earning Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on taps is a simple, but not particularly profitable occupation. Since it requires a lot of time – you need to collect money every 5-30 minutes for 4-7 hours to get more than 1 dollar per day. Rotators, of course, will help to accelerate, allowing you to earn 2-3 times more, but this is still not enough for a comfortable existence. In other words, this type of earnings is a good additional income, but not the main salary. This suits many, as a bonus reward, for example, during breaks of the main activity, not for nothing that collecting Satoshi was called a bonus.

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