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DSX – cryptocurrency exchange reviews and review

DSX is a cryptocurrency exchange for those who are really determined to make money on trading with digital currencies. The platform allows you to enter the crypto market with a fairly modest budget and provides innovative tools for technical analysis, correct forecasts and effective trading.

DSX boasts high-quality software, an intuitive interface and high speed of application execution. Another feature is the smallest spread of working projects.

History of the site

The acronym DSX stands for Digital Securities Exchange. The cryptocurrency exchange was founded in 2015 on the basis of the powerful British payment system ePayments System. At that time, the number of system customers exceeded 200 thousand, and the volume of transactions exceeded $ 50 million. The founders of this did not seem enough, and they decided to enter the cryptocurrency market, taking advantage of the huge advantage that distinguished them from other platforms – a financial license for working with digital money, which, in turn, ensures the safety of the platform customers. EPayments System is also connected to the single payment zone of the European Union and the global system of bank payments. The developers suggested that customers of the platform withdraw money through these systems.

Before launching, the site was developed and tested for about a year. Thus, initially, customers received a good product, rather than a “semi-finished product,” as many other exchanges can be described: they start with a number of shortcomings or a lack of necessary services that the developers promise to finalize in the future.

It would seem that the benefits of working on DSX are obvious. Nevertheless, over 2 years it did not become super popular: the daily volume of transactions here is about $ 7 million, which provide DSX with only 70th place in the list of cryptocurrency exchanges. And yet the number of customers in it is constantly growing.

DSX Verification

A prerequisite for working on the platform: verification of documents. Until verification is completed, it will not be possible to replenish the account. This is one of the requirements of the ePayments System, whose work is aimed at combating money laundering and financing of terrorist movements.

To pass the verification, you will be asked to enter your full name, date of birth, place of residence and confirm the specified data with documents: passport, driver’s license, bank statement or other document that confirms your address. The user can register on the DSX website and wait 2 days (the verification confirmation takes so much on average), or on the ePayments website, where verification is carried out automatically. A client can obtain corporate status if he provides documents and some information about the company’s activities.

Features of working on the DSX platform

The client can choose one of several proposed interface languages: Russian or English. Technical support is available in these languages.

You can trade on the exchange with the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold.
A referral system operates here: you can send an invitation to register on the exchange with your friends. If either of them does this and starts trading, you will both receive bonuses. The point is that if a new user reaches a turnover of $ 100, both him and the one whose referral link he used will reduce the commission by 50% by 1 month.

Commission fees depend on trading volumes: the more you trade, the less trading commission you pay.

A trader can use charts and online quotes, draw figures and display indicators. The technical analysis system here is presented at a very good level, which will be appreciated by professional traders.

It is possible to create several types of orders: stop orders, limited by market, Trailing Stop, Fill or Kill. This greatly expands the opportunities for traders and, therefore, helps to increase profits.

 Deposit and withdrawal of funds

Fiat money is accepted on the exchange: rubles, US dollars, British pounds and euros. You can make a deposit by bank transfer or replenish your account via ePayments.

The platform does not charge a commission for depositing money, but you will have to pay for the withdrawal. Withdrawals are made to the wallets of the cryptocurrency with which you work. Commission fees depend on the type of cryptocurrency: 0.002 BTC, 0.01 ETH, 0.02 LTC, 0.002 BCC. Findings in fiat money are also possible. The commission will amount to 0.8% of the amount. For one conclusion, you can withdraw a minimum of 6000 rubles and a maximum of 9500 rubles. In US dollars, the minimum withdrawal is 85, and the maximum is 135. In euros, 75 and 125, respectively.

Conclusions are made to the ePayments digital wallet without commission, and the limits there are more loyal: you can withdraw 1 dollar, 1 euro or 10 rubles.


  • Sophisticated security system with two-step authentication and storage of customer funds on offline computers. Funds are withdrawn only after confirmation by the operator.
  • Partnership with ePayments System, which makes it possible to carry out financial operations of the site through itself.
  • Real-time online charts and the necessary technical tools.
  • The ability to buy digital currency for fiat money.
  • The presence of a demo account that protects the newcomer as much as possible from the ‘drain’ of the deposit. Before joining real trading, users are offered to try their hand at demo trading. This makes it possible to build a trading strategy, develop a trading plan, and, in general, get used to the site.


  • A small number of types of cryptocurrency.
  • The exchange rate is quite high, so reverse operations with the sale of cryptocurrency are not profitable here.
  • Mandatory verification.
  • Daily trading volumes here are small, so the site may not be interesting for large investors.

As you can see, there are many more advantages than disadvantages. In conclusion, we will tell you about one more thing: DSX is one of the few cryptocurrency exchanges that has never suffered from hacking hackers. And this says a lot: for example, that your personal data and financial resources are completely safe. Well, the success of trading completely depends on you and on how hard you practice on a demo account.

User reviews

Among the advantages of the DSX platform, users highlight excellent safety indicators, good analytical capabilities, a training account to adapt to the site and test trading strategies. However, the main advantage is considered to be a partnership with the ePayments payment service, which is the guarantor of the reliability of the entire system and can significantly save service users on external transactions. Also, customers respond positively to the speed of execution of transactions, the ability to work with trading bots.

The main disadvantage of the exchange is considered to be high commissions – on average, within the framework of the service, they amount to 0.27% of the order size, which significantly exceeds market indicators. The platform’s technical imperfection is also criticized: the interface is congested, the charts are replete with indicators, which leads to a long loading of the trading terminal. In addition, for a number of pairs, traders observe weak liquidity, which is why some coins are poorly traded, and in general, the total number of tokens placed in the listing leaves much to be desired.

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