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Dragonchain what is it

Dragonchain project developers are confident that they succeeded in the impossible – the business platform they created is the most secure, prepared for work and extremely flexible. Today, the blockchain industry is developing rapidly, Dragonstein works with companies that have long been familiar with the blockchain, but cannot fully realize the potential of the technology to improve their own activities.

It was this factor that became decisive for Dragonchain developers – they created a platform of a universal type, it can be used in any modern business, it is decentralized and scalable.

Initially, representatives of Disney worked on the platform, they managed to release a kind of software that had open source code. This event took place in the last months of 2016. Now Dragonchain is doing everything to ensure that this platform has gained its popularity – they offer modern companies a profitable blockchain solution to improve their business.

Joe Roets said the name is a common idea – in this case, the platform allows you to reliably protect important company data, like dragons protect their countless treasures.

Features of the functioning of Dragonchain

The structure of the project is quite simple.


The basis was a serverless platform that allows you to reliably protect customer data. It is possible to work with Java, Python, to make changes to the code. Developers get unique opportunities for personalizing the project, taking into account the characteristics of their own business.


Customers can get early access to any required projects. Dragonchain projects have support from experts in this segment, as well as from enthusiasts who are interested in promoting blockchain technologies.

Trading floor

Ready-made library “smart contracts” are used here, there is an established connection with qualified suppliers, experienced experts. Enterprises that use the Dragonchain brainchild can access the necessary resources without any problems.

Using the Dragonchain platform, enterprises can constantly monitor the most important data without fear of loss. Many companies are faced with certain problems – their contract functionality may be lost, but the project from Dragonchain can solve this problem. Today, most modern companies are trying to find an opportunity to integrate the blockchain into their ongoing activities.

What are the benefits of Dragonchain

It is worth highlighting the most important points that can make you consider an option using a solution from Dragonchain:

  • Using a serverless system, as well as “smart contracts”;
  • Ability to work with Java, Python, as well as other well-known programming languages;
  • Excellent scalability
  • All transactions, as well as company data, are reliably protected from outside interference;
  • It is possible to consider several options for the sale of currency;
  • Development is not associated with large costs, regardless of the complexity of the task, it can be implemented by the existing programming language;
  • The security level is really high;

Joe Roets noted that Amazon AWS will be the first planned integration, in the future the project developers are not going to stop there.

Using Dragonchain

It is worth considering several of the most popular situations:

  • Accrual of funds;
  • Integrated identification systems with different internal factors;
  • Work with digital rights, patents for certain content owned by the company;
  • Voting
  • Legal segment – smart contracts can be used to encode various legal type agreements;
  • All work related to the audit segment;
  • Enterprise-type systems that allow you to work with certain data;

Work with modern financial instruments

If we consider the global perspective – the project has no specific limitations, in the future it can be used to perform various tasks, regardless of their level of complexity. You can see the list in which the developers indicated a variety of applications for their offspring.

Joe Roets assures that Dragonstein compares favorably with competing platforms with the possibility of full control over its own data. Intellectual property is protected, which allows a large number of operations to be carried out without risk.

Many modern companies use Dragonchain to create innovative tools to promote their own business. For example, Look Lateral uses this technology so that customers can verify the authenticity of paintings that can be bought using this resource. Here are quite expensive paintings, in this case, the blockchain will be used not only to pay for purchases, but also to identify the originality of the selected work of art.


Dragonchain is a modern block platform, which is now actively used by companies to improve their work. The platform can be used in any type of business, it is very versatile and versatile. If enterprises want to improve their work and introduce blockchain technology into the existing structure, they should definitely consider using all available advantages of the Dragonchain platform, the developers guarantee its safety and a really serious level of functionality.

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