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Project Overview Double Key

Double Key is an interesting low-interest investment project, which started on August 28, 2018. The site provides an opportunity to receive from 3% to 4% per week throughout the month. In this review, we will examine the investment proposal in more detail and find out whether it is worth investing in Double Key?

The official Double Key website (you can find it here – contains all the basic information on the project, its legend, marketing, statistics on deposits and payments, as well as a section with news that is periodically updated. The site site is available in two languages: Russian and English. It is very simple and straightforward, most likely they have not worked on it for a very long time, since everything looks as simple as possible.

The Double Key administration makes several arguments in favor of why we should invest in the project, and here are a few of these reasons:

  • Simple registration
  • Stable passive income
  • Affiliate program
  • Bounty program

But in general terms, Double Key is no different from other projects. The remaining highs also provide for quick registration, “stable” income, and other opportunities for additional income.

 Legend Double Key

According to legend, Double Key leads three directions at once: the broker’s trading robots, its own sports arbitrage strategy (sports forks), sports arbitrage robots, a unique cryptocurrency robot of its own design, and also a private mining farm that works only on profitable coins (whattomine arbitrage.

According to the administration of Double Key, this level of risk diversification allows you to profit at any level of the markets in which the company operates. But on the site and indeed, on the Internet you will not find real evidence of any of the above areas of activity. Although, the project does not have very high percentages, so you can close your eyes to such a not-so-believable legend.

Project Investment Plans

Double Key has only two investment offers:

  1. Silver – 3% per week, for a period of 4 weeks and a minimum deposit amount of $ 1
  2. Gold – 4% per week, with a 4-week period of operation and a minimum deposit amount of $ 1,000

Thus, Double Key makes it possible to earn from 12% to 16% per month. The deposit is returned at the end of the term of the tariff plan. Payments in manual mode. Payment systems: Payeer, QIWI, BitCoin, Ethereum. Referral program: 3% – 1% of the partner’s deposit.

According to reviews about Double Key, you can find out that with such a low entry threshold, where every person who has $ 1 can invest in the project, the administration has not invested significant costs for the creation of the project and will be glad to any deposits from investors.

Pros and Cons of Double Key

The advantages of Double Key are that the project is developing quietly, without aggressive advertising, but it’s also a low percentage. Of the minuses, we can distinguish its term of operation, since at the time of writing the review, he has been in work for more than 5 months and maybe he will not work the same amount. Will investors manage to withdraw their deposit after a month? It’s hard to answer. Therefore, be careful even if you invest a small amount of money.

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