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Investing in – a long-term hype-guerrilla with a single investment plan of 109% per annum for 700 days.

According to legend, is a safe and profitable investment platform supported by Forex trading and investments in the stock market, cryptocurrency trading, various funds and assets.

  • Project start: 09/27/15
  • Official site of the project:
  • Profitability: 2.1% per week
  • Optimal investment plan: 2.1% per week for 700 days (109% per annum)
  • Deposit: paid at the end of the investment period
  • Payments: manual (time limit – 7 calendar days)
  • Available PS: PerfectMoney only
  • Min. Deposit: 30 USD
  • Min. Output: not installed
  • Statistics: no
  • Communication channels with the administration: only using the feedback form on the site – investment plans

The project offers only 1 investment plan: 2.1% weekly for a period of 700 calendar days with the payment of the ‘body’ of the deposit at the end of the investment period and the accrual of dividends (percent) once a week. – registration, deposit and withdrawal of profits

The site is typical of hype partisans. The administration does not seek to captivate the investor with a beautiful design and fashionable signs, but works solely on reputation and rating.

There is only one version – English. But the site is extremely simple and ascetic as possible. To register, go to the main page of the project’s website –, click the “SIGN UP” button, then fill out the registration form data, be sure to enter your Perfect Money wallet number, then click “REGISTER”.

Please note that the administration strictly prohibits multi-registration and blocks accounts in case a person tries to create a second or more accounts. This is done to limit the input of funds to maintain system stability.

To invest in the left column, go to the “Make Deposit” tab, enter the amount to be replenished and click the “Spend” button.

To withdraw funds, go to the “Withdraw” tab, enter the amount and click the “Withdraw” button. – the pros and cons

Project advantages

  • Started on 09/27/15, that is, it has successfully worked and has been steadily paying profits to investors for more than 1000 (!) days, which is a fair amount of time, not only for hype, but for a company in the field of finance in general
  • Only one investment plan is available to the investor with a democratic minimum deposit of $ 30 or more, which stably brings the investor at 8.4% per month for 700 days (this is 109% per annum)
  • The project’s site is typical of hype partisan, but it has everything the client needs.


  • Payout schedule – up to 7 calendar days. In principle, this is not something extraordinary for a hype-guerrilla, especially one that has been working for so long. And taking into account the fact that interest is accrued only once a week, this regulatory period is explained by the administrator’s desire not to be distracted by the administration of payments daily
  • Only one payment system is available – Perfect Money, but this is a common practice for partisan hype
  • Lack of communication methods with the administration, however, this is normal for hype-partisan, especially since the admin always answers
  • The lack of public statistics of the project, however, this is again characteristic of partisan hype, not spending money on marketing, but working on its own name and reputation among investors. In addition, the lack of a stat on the site is completely and completely compensated by the multiple responses of satisfied investors in the network, which over the three years of operation have accumulated a great many.

It is not known when the project will “change clothes” and whether it will do it at all, however, an impeccable reputation and stable work for almost 3 years speak for themselves. Investors who entered the project at the time of opening, and at the same time chose even the most modest tariff plan, managed to earn about 330% (!) Of net profit on it over three years without any effort.

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