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DogeBank is a low-interest investment project offering to invest cash and start making profit from a deposit. The fund launched on April 1, 2019 has rather conflicting reviews on the Internet, so we suggest that you consider the site in more detail and decide whether to invest in DogeBank or not.

The official site of the project ( in technical terms fully meets its name and marketing. On the main page we are greeted by the same Doge that you could observe in projects such as and

In reviews about DogeBank on hype blogs, it is mentioned that Doge Coin is not the most popular cryptocurrency, so the project will not be so easy to unwind. Nevertheless, according to Yandex Wordstat statistics, users have recently been interested in a project in a search engine more than 400 times – which is a pretty good indicator of the popularity of hype.
The site itself is not very high quality, unlike Statum Global, but most likely the administration does not rely on a detailed study of each element on the site, but on the big picture. We continue our review of DogeBank.
According to legend, DogeBank consists of a team of crypto enthusiasts who work on crypto investments to allow them to be more accessible to investors and project partners. The hype team is focused on the Dogecoin cryptocurrency, which is a more promising value for future crypto investments. However, as we mentioned above – Dogecoin is not the most promising cryptocurrency.

Marketing project plan

  • DogeBank offers these tariff plans:
  • Profitability – 3% per day for 40 days for 500 Dogecoin;
  • Profitability – 3.25% per day for 40 days for 1000 Dogecoin;
  • Profitability – 3.5% per day for 40 days for 10,000 Dogecoin.

A complete list of tariff plans is on the website and in the investor’s personal account, which will be available after registration. The first tariff plan is a demo version and offers to receive 2 Dogecoin for 10 days. Then for 500 Dogecoin you can switch to a tariff plan with a yield of 3% per day, which equals 15 Dogecoin per day and so on.

DogeBank marketing is designed for 40 days, which tariff plan you would not choose. Referral program 7% of the contribution of the referral. Main payment system: DogeCoin. The minimum payout amount is 20 DogeCoin. The minimum deposit amount is 1 DogeCoin. Payouts instantly.

Reviews of DogeBank on the Internet

At the end of the DogeBank review, we can say that we have before us another investment project that does not give any guarantees for long-term work, despite the fact that hype belongs to the low-interest category. Before investing in a project, be sure to weigh the pros and cons and view reviews about hype on the Internet.

Regarding the reviews about DogeBank, then on the forum there are those investors who like this cryptocurrency, and there are those who negatively relate to DogeCoin. But the final decision, as always, is yours!

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