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DiceCoin is a regular online dice game that uses bitcoins, Dogecoin and Litecoin. The rules are the same: enter a bet and roll a die. There are two modes: manual bet and automatic bet. It is very clear what the first option implies. The second offers four variables: maximum bet limit, limit on the number of bets, target profit and loss limits. So just set these parameters and enjoy the game.
The platform does not require a login to deposit and withdraw funds. He assigns a username and password. You cannot verify your account with an email address, so be sure to write down your credentials.

Of course, you can restore your account if you do not remember the password, but this process will take some time.
So, DiceCoin deals with Bitcoins, Lightcoins and Dogecoins. A deposit button is available on the home page as much as possible. There is no minimum deposit, but the minimum withdrawal amount is 0.002 bitcoins / 0.2 lightcoins / 10,000 Dogecoins. And, of course, a commission is charged for each transaction (0005 BTC / 0.002 LTC / 1 DOGE). There are no bonuses on your first deposit or subscription. Just a tap.

We did not notice any restrictions on receiving this bonus, so perhaps you can get it as much as you wish. We can’t say what users think of this site since the latest reviews were 2 years ago. During this period, everything can change.

DiceCoin seems to work well and correctly, but there are some questions about the relevance of the site.

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