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Devil’s Dozen Project

Devil’s Dozen Project (translated by Devil’s Dozen) – an investment project on the Ethereum smart contract. A smart contract or smart contract is a program written on the basis of the Etherium cryptocurrency that is executed without human intervention, that is, in the case of investing, no one has access to your funds except the program! I note that there are a lot of similar projects on the network, especially a lot of them appeared during the cryptocurrency boom, but not one of them was able to get started.

In turn, the Devil’s Dozen Project has a number of beneficial advantages that distinguish it from other projects! But we will talk about them later in the review, but for now, a little information about the project itself.

The Devil’s Dozen Project started in September 2018 (the official website, although for a very long time it worked without much popularity, in other words, no one knew about it and there were relatively few investors. As mentioned above, the Devil’s Dozen Project is based on the Ethereum blockchain and on smart contracts, that is, all marketing that I will describe further will always be carried out.

So Devil’s Dozen has a bank. Initially, it was equal, for example, 1 ETH. As soon as the necessary amount is collected from investors, the current cycle is closed immediately and a new one is opened, the bank of which is increased by 14%. After this cycle is closed, investors of the previous cycle are paid their deposit and 13% of the profit (another 1% goes to the maintenance of the smart contract and administration).

The result is the following:

  • For the first Devil’s Dozen cycle, you need to collect 1 ETH (for example, I do not know, the total amount was the 1st cycle)
  • For the second cycle, 1.14 ETH is already going. First cycle investors receive 13% profit + their deposit.
  •  For the third cycle, you need to collect 1,299 ETH. 2nd cycle investors get 13% profit
  • For the 20th cycle, it is necessary to collect already 13.7 ETH ($ 2700 at the current rate).

One investor is allowed to participate in 3 cycles, after which you must bring 3 active referrals. Otherwise, from the 4th cycle you will receive only 75% of the contribution. We will not analyze this issue in detail, because until you reach it, you yourself will figure it out!

How to take part in the Devil’s Dozen Project

The creators of the Etherium cryptocurrency call their network ‘a blockchain-based computer.’ And it’s quite difficult for ordinary people to understand not only some aspects of blockchain programming and Smart contracts, but also the question “Where to get the Ethereum wallet and how to replenish it?”. The easiest, in my opinion, option is to register with Payeer EPS, create an Ethereum wallet in the same place, exchange rubles or dollars into an internal wallet using the built-in exchange, and then dispose of the funds received at your own discretion.

Actually, the most difficult moment has been fulfilled further, to participate in the Ethereum cycles, you just need to transfer money from your Ethereum wallet to the smart contract wallet, which is listed on the website

Pros and Cons of Devil’s Dozen

The project has a lot of advantages:

  • A small number of cycles passed. As a result, the cycles are still small and so far they are stably closing. So your chances of earning 3 times at 13% of the deposit are very high.
  • The project administration takes only 1% of the turnover, which is a very small amount. Virtually all money is shared between participants. It is worth noting that in most hypes the administration takes at least 10%
  • Marketing is quite well thought out; you can earn money both passively and on invitations.
  • A smart contract is carried out clearly and stably. It cannot be changed.
  • The cycle is not limited in time. That is, the percentage of earnings per month is determined to be floating and due to this, the SCAM project is impossible!

At the same time, the Devil’s Dozen project has a number of minuses.

  • A smart contract can contain holes, as a result of which the entire bank of the project can be stolen (in classical hyips such holes can contain the project code)
  • As I understand it, there is no direct encouragement for the inviters, that is, people are not interested in inviting new participants to the project. Such interest appears only on the 4th cycle.
  • With weak project activity, you can wait forever for closing your own and the next cycle! Moreover, there are already a lot of unsuccessful examples of hyips on smart contracts.

Prospects for Devil’s Dozen

In principle, I really liked the project idea. I talked a lot with the Devil’s Dozen administration even before the start of the project, which I consider as a sign of quality, administration aimed at poor-quality work usually does not make contact well.

But like in everything, the project has a number of shortcomings, because people are not perfect. We mentioned the main ones above, but here I will also mention the fact that the project administration is not strong in terms of promotion and promotion. In principle, this is not the most significant factor, and if experienced referees connect to Devil’s Dozen, then the project is guaranteed popularity.

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