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On the blog, another investment project with simulated cloud mining and profitability from 2% to 16% per day. You can mine any of the proposed coins (Litecoin, Bitcoin, Dogecoin and even dollars), all of this is visually displayed in your personal dashboards in real time. In marketing, one plan is used in fact, divided into several levels of profitability. When buying a certain amount of capacity, you are assigned a percentage of profit with unlimited accrual. To get the best percentage of power, you can buy and go to other levels of marketing. The project has been added to the VIP category and will now be monitored, we recommend.
According to legend, the young company Desmine is engaged in cloud mining of the most famous cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE). In addition, the technical functionality of the platform even allows you to mine USD currency. Against the backdrop of the high popularity of cryptocurrencies, this direction is now especially relevant, and the company has created all the conditions so that everyone can take their direct part in digital development and at the same time receive high interest rates.
 The project design, although it does not have a wide infrastructure, but looks modern and unique. On the main page you can watch how the counters of digital currencies rotate, in which we are invited to invest and make profit from mining. Visually, the growth of the extracted currency happens in approximately the same way, i.e. In live mode. The statistics for the project are located at the bottom, and current deposits and payments for all currencies can be tracked on the statistics page attached to the menu control panel on the right side. There is also a section “calculator”, with which it will be easy to calculate profit for a different period of time. Filling the site with information content is rather sluggish, apparently the developers decided to play more on visualization than on texts. In any case, the translation of the site is carried out in four languages

Investment plans are presented in the likeness of cryptocurrency cloud mining with a yield of 2% to 16% per day. This type of investment has already been seen more than once, even on a blog we have one of them working now, so marketing is already familiar. You replenish the balance in a convenient way from $ 1, choose any of the available cryptocurrencies for mining and actually activate the mining process itself by buying the desired amount of power. The more you have, the faster and more revenue will be generated. You can mine both coins and American currency. The capacity purchase rate is $ 0.01 per 1 Gh / s, so $ 1 is 100 units of Gh / s. Deposits are non-repayable, but they have the right to lifetime accrual of profit, in our case, for the entire life of the project.

Level 0: up to 2% per day with a deposit of up to $ 20 Level 1: up to 4% per day with a deposit of $ 20.01 – $ 200

Level 2: up to 8% per day with a deposit of $ 200.01 – $ 300

Level 3: up to 12% per day with a deposit of $ 300.01 – $ 600 Level 4: up to 16% per day with a deposit of $ 600.01


  • After registration you will receive a gift bonus of 100 gh / s.
  • For registration of each referral you will also receive a bonus of 5 gh / s.


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