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In this article we will conduct a review and give feedback on the Decentralized-9 project (official site). This is a new highly profitable, whose official launch took place on October 10, 2018. The project worked in a “partisan” mode for a good time and made a design change twice. The project has a wide range of investment plans, but the worker is only one of them so far, and that one is strictly limited by the maximum entry bar. This means that the project, although it has entered the active phase, is still trying to slow down its development in every possible way. With its latest design and marketing, the project resembles a giant that has just recently closed. But whether he is, we do not know.

Note! Within a short period of time a special increased bonus of 5% of the deposit is provided! Example: with a deposit of 200 USD you will receive a bonus from the blog 10 USD in addition to high profits in the project! How the deposit bonus works is described here.

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Decentralized-9 Project Launch Date Online – 10/10/2018


We place this project in the "Tested" section, where there are projects that we liked, but require additional study and observation.

The main characteristics of the project:

➕Type of the project – highly profitable, dynamic
➕Minimum deposit – from 10 USD
➕Return – 2.1% every day for 20 days
➕ Deposit term – 20-90 days
➕Deposit – is included in accruals or is returned at the end of the term along with profit
➕Payments – manual up to 48 hours.
➕Minimum withdrawal – 0.21 USD.
➕ There are no project commissions.
➕ Accepted payment systems – PerfectMoney, Bitcoin
➕Russian version of the site – not available.
➕Unique design, licensed GoldCoders script, excellent technical training, official registration of the company.

We meet a new high-interest agent who is trying to hint all the details to us at the TOP administrator, who always makes good money for his clients. However, we, unfortunately, do not have exact data on the administration of the project yet. According to legend, Decentralized-9 is a decentralized investment platform that provides high profits for its clients, thanks to the presence in its team of a large number of experienced traders who for many years have shown excellent trading results on cryptocurrency exchanges.

On the main page below you can see open statistics on the latest deposits and payments. The general statistics of the platform is also visible, however, it is strongly wound up by the administration and does not display the real picture. The technical component of the project is implemented at a high level to meet the industry leaders: a licensed script from Gold Coders, a unique design, original content, an intuitive interface, SSL from DigiCert Inc until October 2, 2020, a domain registrar NameCheap for 3 years, hosting DDOS-Guard, company registration number 12263902.


The company’s administration provided for investment marketing with a large variety of tariffs. There are 9 of them, but most of them are intended for catching inexperienced pinocchio investors. We recommend investing only in the first Standard investment plan with a return of 2.1% per day for 20 days and return on investment at the end of the term.

More about tariffs:

  • Tariff “Standard”
    Deposit: 10-500 $
    Charges: 2.1% daily
    Refund of deposit: at the end of the term
    Deposit term: 20 days
    Total income: 142%
    Net profit: 42%
  • Tariff "Trader"
    Deposit: $ 15,000-20000
    Charges: 2.55% daily
    Refund of deposit: at the end of the term
    Deposit term: 30 days
    Total income: 176.5%
    Net profit: 76.5%
  • Tariff "Expert"
    Deposit: $ 20,000-100,000
    Charges: 2.85% daily
    Refund of deposit: at the end of the term
    Deposit term: 60 days
    Total income: 271%
    Net profit: 171%
  • Tariff "Accumulation 1"
    Deposit: $ 10,000-15,000
    Charges: 300% after 30 days
    Refund of deposit: included in accruals
    Deposit term: 30 days
    Total income: 300%
    Net profit: 200%
  • Tariff "Accumulation 2"
    Deposit: $ 5000-20000
    Charges: 700% after 60 days
    Refund of deposit: included in accruals
    Deposit term: 60 days
    Total income: 700%
    Net profit: 600%
  • Tariff "Accumulation 3"
    Deposit: $ 500-25000
    Charges: 1500% after 90 days
    Refund of deposit: included in accruals
    Deposit term: 90 days
    Total income: 1500%
    Net profit: 1,400%
  • Tariff VIP Fast
    Deposit: 25000-50000 $
    Charges: 500% after 15 days
    Refund of deposit: included in accruals
    Deposit term: 15 days
    Total income: 500%
    Net profit: 400%
  • Tariff “VIP Long”
    Deposit: $ 20,000-75,000
    Charges: 1200% after 30 days
    Refund of deposit: included in accruals
    Deposit term: 30 days
    Total income: 1200%
    Net profit: 1100%
  • Tariff “VIP Decentralized”
    Deposit: $ 15,000-500,000
    Charges: 2000% after 45 days
    Refund of deposit: included in accruals
    Deposit term: 45 days
    Total income: 2000%
    Net profit: 1900%

We will calculate the deposit of $ 500 for the first package: daily we will receive $ 10.5, for the entire period we will receive income of $ 710, of which $ 210 is our net profit. But with a high promotional bonus from the blog, net profit will rise to $ 235!

affiliate program

The project provides a linear referral program up to three levels in depth: 5% – 2% – 1%.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds:

  • Perfect money
  • Bitcoin

The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.21 USD; Minimum deposit – from 10 USD.

Payments are processed in manual mode, the schedule is up to 48 hours.

For the convenience of buying / selling electronic currency, there are many exchangers.

How it works?

1. Follow the link to the project website and click "SIGNUP" in the upper right corner. Next, fill out the registration form in Latin letters: name, login, password twice, your wallet number, mail twice, secret question, secret answer. We check that Andrew Millioninvestor (Millioninvestor) is written in the column "YOUR UPLINE", which will give you the right to an increased bonus. Next, we agree to the terms and conditions, enter the captcha and click the "Registrater" button.

2. Now in the upper right corner click “LOGIN” and go to your personal account. To make a deposit, click “Make Deposit” in the left column and select an investment plan.

3. Now scroll to the bottom, enter the desired deposit amount, select a payment system and press "SPEND".

4. On the next page, just press the "PROCESS" button. Next, we confirm the payment in the merchant payment system. All! Deposit is ready!

Feedback on the Decentralized-9 project:

The Decentralized-9 project worked quietly for 15 months and rebranded just seven days ago, during which the design and investment plans were updated. Apparently, the project begins to enter the active phase, but at this stage only two payments are open, and there is a strict limit on the maximum deposit for the desired tariff. In a good scenario, the project has investment potential. And if it really turns out to be that administrator who is hinted at, it will be generally gorgeous.

Pay attention to the high bonus from our blog, with which the profit becomes higher, and the exit to breakeven is closer!

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Our deposit is $ 100 (for Standard plan):

Our invitation id: Millioninvestor


After registration, contact Telegram @millioninvestor or skype skypeandrew_investor – add you to an important channel where the first news appears. Also in personal correspondence with us you can ask any questions and consult.

In addition, there is the possibility of selecting an individual investment portfolio for you. It is possible for our partners. If you want to become our partner, register in one of the projects that are presented in the menu on the right and provide us with information after registering about yourself (login or email) or contact us personally using the contact details in this article, and we will help you do everything . Remember to clear the cache in your browser before registering with any of the projects.

ONLINE consultation

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