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About Exchange Dcoin

Cryptocurrency exchange Dcoin is a project that positions itself as the first industry financial platform where you can work with digital assets and all kinds of derivatives. A safe trading environment is available to investors, for the stable operation of which special software based on Amazon AWS and Google Cloud technologies is responsible. That is, you should not worry about DDoS attacks, data leakage and most common network vulnerabilities.

The site was launched in August 2018 by a group of unknown blockchain enthusiasts who previously worked at Baidu, Google and other well-known IT companies.

At the time of the review, the site was added to the rating of the CoinMarketCap information portal and its total volume exceeds 1.6 billion US dollars (174,874 BTC).

The main layout for available assets is as follows: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic and EOS. And here are the main trading pairs:

  • BTC / USDT – 45% of daily turnover;
  • ETH / USDT – 24%;
  • ETH / BTC – 14%;
  • LTC / USDT – 8%;
  • ETC / USDT – 1.4%;
  • EOS / USDT – 1.2%.

The share of all other exchange instruments does not exceed 1%. The current transaction fee for today is 0.2% of the transaction amount. Representatives of the project claim that in order to protect investors, all digital assets are examined in detail and listed only if they meet the approved quality standards.

If questions arise about a new cryptocurrency, then developers of a problematic blockchain startup can contact support at any time and receive recommendations on finalizing the product.

At first glance, Dcoin gives the impression of a modern and technological exchange where you can easily implement any strategy related to speculation and long-term investment. Now we’ll try to figure out if this is really so: we’ll look at the interface, try to find at least some information about the participants, study the roadmap, check the reviews and then draw conclusions.

Key features

The Dcoin website is designed in a simple minimalistic style: the main sections are added to the header, and most of the main page consists of charts and exchange tickets. The inconvenient fact is that the project does not support the Russian language and there are only English, Korean and Chinese. Let’s go through the tabs and evaluate the functionality.

Exchange This is the main section where you can conduct technical analysis and transactions with available crypto assets. Traders will work with the interactive chart of the TradingView social network, where there is a large selection of free indicators and graphical space marking tools. Trading positions can be opened using market, limit and trigger orders, which will be triggered only when predetermined conditions are met.

Download App. Here you will find only a mobile trading application that can be downloaded and installed for free on all devices based on iOS and Android.

IEO Hub. All cryptocurrency startups that are preparing to accept investor capital and place their digital coins on the Dcoin crypto exchange will be added to this tab. You can choose a project, see its detailed description and decide on investing. There is also a category History, which displays already running projects.

Melting Privilege. Here you can download the general marketing strategy of the project (White paper) and hot offers for various types of cryptocurrencies. By default, the section is closed and to get full access you need to go through the registration procedure:

Click on the Sign In button → specify an e-mail or phone number → set a password and confirm the data entry.

You have passed verification, but received an error in registration? This is due to the fact that residents of the CIS until 2020 have limited access to the project. There is nothing to be done.

If due to the lack of the Russian language you have any difficulties, click on the Tutorial button in the lower right corner and watch a series of short videos made in the form of instructions for all sections.


The official documentation and the pages of the site say that the Dcoin team includes several founders and a large group of technical experts: researchers, analysts, testers, blockchain developers, marketers, managers and people responsible for listing new cryptocurrencies. Names and links to social networks are not published, so you can’t check the qualifications of this team. We do not know in which startups these specialists participated earlier, how successful their work was and why their experience can be trusted.


We did not find meaningful comments or reviews on which we can draw at least some conclusions about the work of the Decoin exchange. Most likely this is due to the fact that the project does not have an affiliate program and traders have no problems with working or withdrawing funds. Because of this, no one observes the exchange and is in no hurry to blacklist it.

In conclusion

Dcoin is a young and developing project that is moving in the right direction, but so far cannot compete with the largest modern crypto exchanges.

If we talk about the benefits, then we highlighted the following points:

  • In just one year, the organizers managed to gather a full-fledged community (more than 100 million users) and reach impressive trading volumes (more than 1.6 billion);
  • The platform supports the IEO function and helps new startups to release their cryptocurrency;
  • An internal token will appear, the holders of which will receive a number of privileges and will be able to vote for determining the future strategic goals of the project.

And here is a list of the main disadvantages:

  • No information about the organizers, participants and sponsors of the project;
  • The site is at the development stage and has not yet fully implemented the initial roadmap;
  • Developers are focused on systematic growth and in the near future do not plan to introduce any killer features, due to which you can get a lot of user traffic from other trading platforms.

In general, a project can be defined as neutral. But we will be happy to supplement the review as soon as new information appears.

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