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DaoPush.com review: buying and selling traffic with push notifications, reviews

DaoPush.com is an advertising network for the sale and purchase of traffic with PUSH notifications from the creators of Terra Leads, ApiLead, InstallMonster, ZipMonster. It offers webmasters and arbitrageurs to monetize RevShare traffic with deductions up to 80-90%. For advertisers: cost per click from $ 0.001 and cost per 1,000 impressions from $ 0.1.

Check in

Let’s start the acquaintance with registration. We select the type of account (webmaster or advertiser), fill out a simple registration form and confirm the e-mail.

 Buying traffic from PUSH notifications

A table on the volume and cost of clicks / impressions on the link.

After confirming the email, we open a start page with answers to frequently asked questions and a proposal to create the first campaign (for advertisers) or add the first source (for webmasters).

To make it easier to navigate by the amount of traffic, there is an Available traffic button on the “Where to start” page. Here is statistics on the volume of traffic for each country. Sorted in decreasing order. The volume of traffic (number of shipments) is presented per month.

Let’s create the first advertising campaign. Click Add new campaign. We will create the following RCs on the Campaigns page.

We indicate the status of the campaign: Paused (Pause), Started (Start), Archived (Archive). We write the name for our convenience and select a payment model: CPC (pay per click) or CPM (pay per 1,000 impressions). Then we indicate the cost for which we are ready to buy traffic.

Minimum price per 1,000 clicks: $ 1. Minimum CPC: $ 0.001.
Minimum cost per 1,000 impressions: $ 0.1.
Go to the Targeting settings.

Three graphs are available for targeting. But they can be expanded to include general groups. Let’s delve into these settings and see how you can narrow or expand your audience.


  • GEO: the whole world. By clicking on the two arrows to the right, we select all the countries represented. To specify a specific region, select a country from the list and click one arrow.
  • Devices and operating systems. Two general groups are presented: desktop (computers) and mobile (smartphones). You can also target popular OSs: MacOS, Linux, and Windows, starting with XP and higher.
  • Browsers Desktop (computers): Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Amigo, and Yandex.Browser. Mobile (smartphones): Android Chrome, Firefox, and UC Browser (USWEB). You can configure campaigns on all desktop or mobile browsers.

The next parameter is black and white list. We will make this setting after the launch of the campaign and the first results. So now we skip and move on to creating creatives.

Write the title and text. Download the icon and the main image for the PUSH notification. We write the URL of the advertised product or page.

Recommendations for creating an ad:

  • Title Length: Up to 40 characters.
  • Text Length: Up to 126 characters.
  • Icon Size: 192x192px.
  • The size of the main image (Image File): 500x300px.

Next, we indicate the limits for the advertising campaign.

Save the campaign. She appeared on the Campaigns page. What can we do with it? Edit, copy, stop (start if it is stopped), archive, see creatives and statistics. We’ll go to the page with creatives.
Here we can add a new promo, see or copy the old one.
Statistics can be viewed for each campaign. To do this, go to Statistic Adv, set up a filter to display information on a specific campaign, or go to statistics by clicking on Statistic Adv on the Campaigns page.


  • Period.
  • Campaign.
  • Platform.
  • Browser.
  • A country.

 Information displayed:

  • Impression volume (sending PUSH notifications).
  • The number of clicks on an ad.
  • CTR
  • CPMc.
  • Amount spent.

Top-up balance and technical support

To start the first campaign, you need to replenish the balance.
The minimum deposit amount is $ 50.
Top-up methods: WebMoney, bank cards, advcash, Perfect Money, QIWI, Yandex.Money, Bitcoin. If necessary, we can contact the support service to fund your account in another convenient way.




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