CSGOPolygon Bitcoin Casino – Review



CSGOPolygon is a completely new way to play CSGO skins. At CSGOPolygon, players deposit skins for credits and put these credits on a roulette-inspired game. If this is your first visit to csgopolygon.com, you will immediately see the “Site Use Agreement” window. It provides you with the rules of use and security of the CSGOPolygon platform. To go to the site, you must read and accept it.
On the website you will see three options for the game: roulette, match betting and failure. You can select any of them on the left side of the screen. Under this area, the developers of the CSGOPolygon platform have posted a chat with which you can enter into a conversation with other players. To start using the site, you need to register on it.

Click on the green “Login” button, which is located in the upper right corner of the screen, and select “Register”. After that, you need to fill out the registration form with your username, password and email address. By creating a personal account in CSGOPolygon, you automatically become a member of its community. The official CSGOPolygon website has a top menu with several tabs: “Home”, “Deposit”, “Withdraw funds”, “Reliably fair” and “Redeem code”. These tabs will help you better understand the rules and principles of using the service. The design of the site is very minimal. At csgopolygon.com you will not find any additional jewelry or unnecessary information. You can choose a light or dark color for the template. The corresponding button is located on the right, close to the bottom.

CSGOPolygon exists not only on the official website csgopolygon.com, but also on social networks. You can find CSGOPolygon accounts on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

If you want to contact the CSGOPolygon team, scroll down the home page and at the bottom you will see the link “Contact us”. Click on it, and you will be redirected to the appropriate window with all the necessary requests.

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