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CSGOHype is a website where you can find many gambling options such as jackpot, coin flip and roulette. Here you can bet on skins using virtual inventory, or use coins to exchange skins. As soon as you access csgohype.com, you must log in to your site through your Steam account. To do this, click on the corresponding green button. You should know that you cannot skip this step, as you will not be allowed to use the site.

Due to the fact that the site is used by players from all over the world, the developers of the platform provided the opportunity to translate it into several languages. You can find this function in the lower left and upper right corners.

On the left side of web pages is chat. Here you can also see how many players are online now. Through the chat area on the right side of the web page, you can see the “My inventory” section. It includes not only your items, but also several buttons: red “Deposit”, blue “Withdrawal” and green “Exchange of skins for points”.

In the middle of the home page you will see the main game area. This is the place where all the major events take place. Here you can place a bet, check your balance and much more.

In the upper right corner of csgohype.com you can see two important links: “Terms of Service” and “Contact”. These tabs are technical in nature, but at the same time they can be very useful and useful in some situations. If you want, you can subscribe to CSGOHype on social networks. The platform has official Facebook and Twitter accounts. You will find the corresponding links in the upper left corner.

The top menu of the CSGOHype website has tabs such as Fights, Roulette, Jackpot, Coinflip, Market and Free Coins. Select one of them, click on it and find out more information about CSGOHype functions.

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