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CSGOEmpire is the leading CSGO gaming platform. On the official CSGOEmpire website, you can instantly deposit and remove CSGO skins with the new skin trading system. If you go to csgoempire.com, you will immediately see the “Welcome to the new CSGOEmpire” pop-up window. It presents you the best platform features (such as the ability to get XP, betting, rewarding with free cases and much more).
Also here you can enter CSGOEmpire. To do this, click on the green ‘Login’ button. You should know that you must have a Steam account. But this step is optional. Therefore, if you want to skip this, just click the “Maybe Later” button.

The official CSGOEmpire website consists only of functional elements. On the left side of the screen you can see the chat of players and the number of players who are online. If you want to send a message, just type it in the designated line and press ‘Enter’ on the keyboard.

Under all this, in the lower left corner you can see the ‘Main room’ button. The main room was designed for those who speak English. But since players from all over the world visit the site, CSGOEmpire developers also created Portuguese, Turkish, Finnish, German and Danish rooms.

In the middle of the csgoempire.com main page, you can see the main gaming area with a section of previous rolls. Here you can also enter your bet. But remember that you must have “CSGOEmpire.com” in your Steam profile name in order to be eligible for the bonus bank. The amount you earn in the bonus bank depends on your bet in this round. Under this main gaming area, there are three “Betting” sections.

There are several different tabs in the top menu of the website: “Old Design”, “Feedback”, “Honesty”, “Distribution of Gifts”, “Daily Cases”, “Free 0.50”, “Referrals”, “King of Coins” , ‘Help.’

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