Review: Cryptostar Safe or Fraud

() review is a cloud mining operation that promises users the ability to mine up to 1,500 different cryptocurrencies. It should be noted that is different from or any other variant of its domain. So, speaking of Cryptostar, we mean the domain, and not any other.

The site offers free 1.0000 GH / s upon registration plus free coins as bonuses. He promises his users complete transparency because he claims that he does not charge any hidden fees or commissions. Daily maintenance fee is 1%. So this should be one of the cheapest cloud mining operations on the Internet, if they are not scammers. However, before we register, we must be sure that we do not give our money to scammers.

The first statement we see on their website is that Cryptostar makes Crypto currency mining affordable for everyone. You do not need to invest in expensive equipment, which also comes from maintenance. As soon as you go to my site with this site, you need to sign and then choose your preferred coin in order to start earning income. Looking at this site, we see that it is not so obvious that they are fraud.

You can contact support by e-mail [email protected] However, the site does not provide some relevant information, such as information about the company or the people who manage the site. However, due to the expansion of .ASIA, we believe that they are most likely based in Asia. The exact location was not disclosed. It would be nice if the owners of this site took the initiative to make a complete picture of their audience, because it increases investor confidence.

The site does not provide much information about how they work, who they are or even where they are based. They also do not talk about the problems associated with their data centers. However, they provide an income forecast calculator that investors can use to see their average daily and weekly income. We checked this calculator to see if they use inflated numbers to convince investors. We realized that the return was reasonable. The hash power of 200 GH / s will bring $ 0.02 per day when mining bitcoins. It will cost $ 16 to buy such a contract from Cryptostar. Generally, the more you invest, the more you earn.

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