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Features Cryptonator online cryptocurrency wallet

Today, trading, mining or exchanging cryptocurrencies is very profitable. To convert profit to assets of any virtual currency, you need to have a reliable, convenient and understandable cryptocurrency wallet.

A reasonable question arises here: Where to store cryptocurrency and which store for digital money should I prefer? You can choose a single currency option designed exclusively for one type of cryptocurrency, or stop on versions that simultaneously support several different cryptographic capitals. Experts recommend initially starting from the goals of creating a crypto wallet, the frequency of its use and the existing set of functions.

A multi-currency wallet is considered to be the most convenient, since all available coins are stored in one place, you can quickly send and exchange them. In addition, there will be no confusion with passwords. Such universal, functional and reliable is the Cryptonator – an online cryptocurrency wallet.

Let’s take a look at all the significant nuances regarding this storage for digital coins.

General information

The Cryptonator service has been operating since the spring of 2014. In fact, it is a web platform that allows you to exchange, acquire, store, sell or transfer certain types of electronic coins.

The wallet has many additional features and capabilities. The developers managed to create a convenient, universal storage, in which it is easy to carry out any necessary operations with crypto-money and fiat currencies. The service is available around the clock from all places where there is an Internet connection.

Features Cryptonator online cryptocurrency wallet

  • The virtual coin store in question has several important features:

    In addition to storing, exchanging and transferring crypto-money in an online wallet, you can monitor changes in the price rates of popular virtual money in a convenient format. Thus, there is no need to access sites to monitor cryptocurrency rates;

  • Due to the fact that the storage is cloudy, users have access to it from any device that can access the network;
  • Three versions of the Cryptonator have been developed today: a web wallet, a client (program) for a PC, and a mobile application;
  • Support for 14 cryptocurrency options and 3 real-life currencies (euros, rubles, as well as dollars).
  • Online wallets for 7 top virtual currencies: bitcoin, zcash, ripple, ethereum, etc. There are also storages for 7 potentially promising altcoins: primecoin, emercoin, bytecoin, etc .;
  • By the summer of 2018, over 99 million accounts were opened on the project. Over 32 million transactions completed;
  • Versions for private clients and business owners are provided;
  • The site and applications of devices running on Android and iOS, Cryptonator process approximately one million applications daily;
  • Effective protection mechanisms are involved – support for SSL connection, SHA-256 encryption algorithm, encoded form of passwords, two-factor authentication and connection of the necessary IP addresses.

Pros of Kryptonator online wallet

In addition to the positive qualities noted a little earlier, the following advantages can be distinguished from the Cryptonator cryptocurrency storage:

  •  Multicurrency – there is no need to install and register many virtual wallets designed for individual electronic coins;
  • Minimalistic website design and simple, user-friendly interface;
  • Complete anonymity of operations;
  • Profitable exchange rates;
  • Replenishment of the account and withdrawal of funds in cryptocurrency or fiat money. You can exchange rubles for cryptographic coins and vice versa;
  • Integrated converter;
  • Winners-Losers option – allows you to analyze the dynamics of quotations of virtual currencies over the past day, past week or month;
  • Monitoring of almost all leading crypto exchanges (Kraken, Bittrex, Poloniex, EXMO, etc.) You can always see the current prices for their leading cryptocurrencies;
  • Referral program. Customers can attract other customers to the service through an individual affiliate
  • link. Remuneration – $ 10 from each transaction or conversion for $ 1000. For other currencies, the equivalent is calculated at the current exchange rate.

At the moment, the online cryptocurrency wallet referral program Kryptonator is suspended, but will probably be launched again.

Important! We need to highlight the quality support for ripple. Reliable storage for this altcoin is not easy to find!

Negative qualities

Of course, it is impossible to do without cons. There are four drawbacks to the Kryptonator online wallet:

  • The service stores encryption keys. Despite the security of the crypto wallet, there is a possibility of a hacker hacking of servers with the subsequent theft of digital coins from user accounts;
  • Disgusting technical support of the kryptonator and inaccessibility of consultants. It is impossible to quickly resolve the issues that have arisen. Phone numbers are not indicated, and email is most likely irrelevant, since complaints about the lack of answers appear regularly on thematic forums;
  • Delays in withdrawing funds or replenishing the balance rarely occur. This is due to overloaded blockchain and lack of computing power. Sometimes transactions last up to 2-3 days.

Attention! Due to the popularity of the Cryptonator, thieves are actively seeking to steal crypto coins from customers registering on it. Clone sites of this service are constantly “born”. It is necessary to scrupulously check every letter and sign of the site’s email address (!

Register for Cryptonator

According to an established tradition, the working use of an online wallet is preceded by a registration procedure. On the main page of the resource, click on the line ‘Registration’. In the form that opens, select the type of account (personal or for the store), enter an email, specify a password and click the dark blue button “Open Account”. Official site cryptonator

In the letter received by e-mail, it is necessary to confirm the correctness of the specified data and activate the account. All this is done by clicking on the control link in the message. Now it remains to enter the password with email in the corresponding fields of the “Login” page and go to the account created on the Cryptonator.

  • The choice of wallets for the currencies that you plan to use. If extra virtual currencies are noted or, conversely, some are missed, then there will be no terrible consequences. In settings this parameter quickly changes;
  • Cryptocurrency account address generation. It is these addresses that are needed to receive transactions. You can have a maximum of 10 addresses for any account at a time. It is allowed to form new and remove unnecessary options;
  • Activation of two-factor authorization. This measure is required to maximize account protection. Fraudsters who have seized registration data will most likely have to give up the idea of ​​hacking such a crypto store.

Nuance! You can enable two-factor authorization on Cryptonator in three ways:

  • Through a mobile application;
  • Via Telegram;
  • Using SMS code.

It is not recommended to use the latter option, since there may be difficulties in delivering codes due to failures in mobile networks!

How to use Cryptonator

After entering their own account, users see 7 tabs necessary for effective work with the crypto wallet. We analyze them all.

1. “Balance” – here is the status of the created accounts. The total balance is indicated on the right. You can also enable helper widgets in this section. It is possible to view the history of visits to electronic storage.

When you need help, the FAQ and Tips options come in handy. The current virtual currency rates are immediately displayed. If necessary, you can set your own parameters in the widget. Details of recent transactions are at the bottom.

2. “Send” is a window where direct transfer of cryptocurrency to a store or another person is carried out. In a special form, you must select the desired digital coin, write down the transfer amount and the address of the recipient’s wallet.

The commission percentage is written off automatically, therefore, before the transaction, you need to provide for this system fee.

Warning! Double check of all data entered in the application for the transfer of funds is required. If an error is made in the marked amount or address, then the money that has gone away cannot be returned!

3. “Pay’ – with this function, users can pay for all kinds of services or various goods directly from the Kryptonator personal wallet. Transactions are made immediately, and the system does not charge a commission.

Also, through this section, state payments (fines, taxes, etc.) and transfers to commercial structures are made. Operations are implemented through an isolated gateway that does not intersect with cryptocurrencies. Of course, only rubles are used.

4. “Exchange” – a tab that opens a window for performing exchange operations with currencies. You can convert:

  • Fiat money – crypto coins;
  • Electronic currency – virtual money;
  • Cryptocurrency – fiat money.

In a special form, you should carefully fill in the lines, and also select the currency type and amount from the pop-up menu. Enter additional purchase information. The system will execute the entire recalculation automatically and present the total amount.

Infrequently, but it happens that the service temporarily suspends work with some kind of digital currency.

5. “History” – after the commencement of transactions, here you can view information about payments.

6. “Portfolio” – a tab whose functions allow you to add new cryptocurrencies, monitor price rates and calculate their value online.

7. “Settings” – here you can adjust or change email, password and language. The setting of the base currency is available, in which it is convenient to see the overall balance and price values ​​in the “Portfolio” tab. It is possible to adjust system alerts.

Cryptonator Applications

Users are offered two convenient application options.

For Chrome – a useful browser extension for fans of online control of their balance. The program quickly synchronizes with the largest crypto exchanges and immediately provides relevant quotes. The application is downloaded for free from the Google store.

Once the extension is installed, an extension icon will appear on the toolbar. You can use it to quickly convert any currencies. The interface is simple, there are no distracting details.

Cryptonator for Android is a mobile version that works with several hundred cryptocurrencies (over 300). The program is multifunctional, automatically converts to fiat currency. In the application, for convenience, you can mark the desired virtual currencies as preferred. They will be moved to the Favorites section.

Current information on currencies from the 20 largest crypto exchanges is available to the user. Quotes are updated after 37-48 seconds. The Cryptonator mobile application for Android can be downloaded at\u003dcom.aev.cryptonator.

Option “Portfolio” – displays the current value of digital coins in the wallet. It is necessary to register the available amount and indicate the cryptographic currency. The application will immediately calculate and indicate the total value of the asset, expressed in the desired monetary units (dollars, bitcoins, rubles, alcoins). This section holds up to 100 different currencies.


Cryptonator e-money wallet is a multifunctional, understandable and convenient service that is very popular. Among multicurrency crypto-storages, it stands out with useful functions and a good reputation.

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