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Do not count all the services created to earn cryptocurrency. Coins are distributed just like that, beginners can also do this, absolutely without attachments.

The actions are performed elementary, inviting someone is not necessary. The only caveat is most of all high-quality projects on the foreign Internet.

Does Cryptomininggame multi-currency mining crane pay or not? The project pays, evidence will be presented below.

An unusual tap where several cryptocurrencies are handed out at once. Without purchasing premium access, you can collect Satoshi, Litoshi and Dogi. And in several ways.

How does cryptomininggame work

At the end of 2017, they launched an unusual multi-currency crane, where you can also start cloud mining. When you complete the registration, you will be offered to undergo training, 100 Satoshi will be immediately charged for it.

You can also immediately start mining LTC or Doge, and then exchange them with each other or withdraw.

The main income comes from mining and completing tasks. No, you don’t have to register anywhere, here are completely different instructions. You will need energy to collect bonuses in tasks.

You will learn how to perform them in the learning process and see the example below (we will show clearly where to click).

For the performance of tasks small amounts are awarded and give Exp. To fulfill them requires energy, which is replenished every 10 minutes. Just wait and you can immediately take on the next assignment. In addition, you can view ads, for it they give additional energy.

Complete more tasks, level up and get more power for mining. For experienced users, orders with a higher payment are available.

As for mining, it is semi-automatic, because you have to run it every 10 minutes and spend one more internal currency on it.

Mining time depends on the level. Beginners should run every 10 minutes, at level 2 20 minutes, at 3 for 30 minutes and so on.

Do not forget that this is a crane, the site is full of advertising and new tabs are opening. But it’s possible to get cryptocurrency without any investments at all.

The minimum withdrawal amounts are small, they differ for each currency, payments are made only through FaucetHub wallets.

One of the main differences between the crane and analogues. Each user defaults to 1 HPower. To use them, you need to go to the Mine Game section:

All available cryptocurrencies will be presented there, but with a free account it is only Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin. Below them is the MINE button and indicates how many crystals are required to run. You need to click on it to start mining:

For an example, I chose Satoshi mining, after 6:27 minutes it will be necessary to reactivate mining. Initially, you will have 100 crystals, they are also shown under the avatar:

In the Bonus section of the Boost tab, you can speed up the receipt of crystals, but this function is available only from level 8 (there you need to spend Satoshi). You can earn crystals on tasks in the EarnmoreCrystals section (Bonus tab).

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