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CryptoMining Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining

CryptoMining confidently occupies its niche among the services that allow you to perform Bitcoin cloud mining by leasing computing power. The main feature of the platform is that the complexity of mining does not increase. That is, over time, you will not have to buy other equipment, which will simplify the procedure for generating income. The system also gives a bonus during registration and the ability to withdraw money at any time, but only after entering 20 GHs (gigahashes) into the service, which is approximately equal to $ 20. In addition, the system has a high level of reliability.

The site has been operating since the end of 2015, which in general is a good time for similar projects. In addition, the resource is marked as paying income to users on reputable sites to verify the reliability of such projects.

CryptoMining allows users to create contracts for a period of 1 year to 15 years and provides the ability to calculate the return on investment. In addition, it gives a small bonus during registration. Anyway, the site often pampers users with various discounts and promotional offers.

The amount of income received is unchanged throughout the contract period. Mining income per se does not decrease, as the number of Bitcoins increases by 5% per year. Withdrawals are possible starting from 0.01 BTC (minimum amount). In addition to mining Bitcoins, the project is engaged in investing in systems using solar energy, which further increases its stability and prospects.

How to register on the CryptoMining service

Registration on the resource is quite simple, but in addition to the standard mailbox, password and captcha, you also need to specify a nickname and real name. After filling out the form, it is very important to enter the mail and follow the registration confirmation link. This will make it possible to enter the user’s personal account after completing the authorization procedure. By the way, for authorization you will also need a secret code, it increases the protection of your account. It’s better to save such code on some reliable media so that you don’t have difficulty logging in if you forget it.

In the personal account, the user can see all the data of his account on the site: name and login, powers owned, the mining procedure itself, balance and the presence of gigahashes.

Capacity purchase

After entering your account, you can buy mining power. Thanks to the friendly interface of the site, this is not a problem. There is a BUY section for purchase. Just use the slider to select the required number of gigahashes and press BUY NOW. After confirming the operation, the wallet address for the transfer of funds will appear. After payment, the purchased capacities will appear on the balance in your account. The resource has a developed five-level referral system. For each person who has bought 10 or more gigahashes, the attractor receives 15%.

More about contracts

  • As mentioned above, the system provides users with the opportunity to conclude one of three types of contract:

    With a minimum validity period of 1 year. Such a contract would cost $ 36, plus a minimum hash of 200 gigahashes. The payback period of the contract is six months. The maximum possible profit per day is 15 cents.

  • With a period of 3 years. Unlike the previous version, such a contract involves halving the minimum hash rate, the payback period is 12 months.
  • Contract for 15 years. This period is the longest possible. Here, the minimum hashrate is only 20, and the estimated payback time is 3 years.

By the way, regardless of the period for which the contract will be concluded, the system guarantees no increase in mining complexity. This is one of the main advantages of the CryptoMining system, as experienced cryptocurrency miners know that the complexity of mining Bitcoins increases every year on its own, regardless of various third-party projects.

Users on the site can both independently acquire capacities and use bonus offers. However, in order to withdraw digital money from bonus capacities, you must buy at least 20 gigahashes.

 Investment prospects

The project has been working since 2015 and has been paying users all this time, which speaks in favor of its reliability. In addition to mining, the CryptoMining system also provides for investment in the extraction of solar energy.

At the same time, signs of pseudo mining are observed in CryptoMining, which already makes us think. Payback occurs on average over 2 years with a minimum contribution. Before investing in this resource, you should nevertheless make inquiries about it and find the most relevant information on payments and the behavior of the service in various working situations.

Also, do not forget to take into account that even the minimum payback period – six months – is large enough and during this time significant changes can occur in the world of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, it is always important to ‘keep abreast’ and keep track of significant changes. In general, CryptoMining is a good opportunity to get digital coins with minimal investments, which will suit both experienced miners and beginners in this field.

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