Cryptocurrency TTC (TTC): overview, prospects


TTC Protocol (TTC)

The TTC Protocol is a digital currency whose goal is “mining”. Using TTC, users are rewarded for creating, distributing, and interacting with other users and their social content. TTC decentralizes and returns commercial value to the same users who grow and add value to social networks.

In other words, those who contribute to social networks – interacting with other users or posting content, will receive rewards in the form of TTC tokens.

This is similar to the Steemit concept in which users are rewarded for their contributions. However, TTC is designed to reward “normal” social interactions on a social network — for example, to download personal content or to watch ads.

The TTC Protocol is under development by the same Beijing, Chinese team that launched tataUFO, a popular social network for Chinese university students. Launched in 2012, this network currently has 10 million registered users. This is the first social network to implement TTC tokens.

TTC Benefits

Why do we need a system like the TTC Protocol? Here are some of the benefits the platform offers:

  • Proactive Users:
    Users will actively participate, as their contribution is clearly and fairly recognized and encouraged. Users have a reason to “put themselves there” and positively contribute to the platform.
  • Healthy atmosphere:
    When the content is aligned with the core value of the platform, this leads to high rewards. This creates a healthy atmosphere for creating content.
  • Exponential Growth:
    TTC has an effective and fair incentive mechanism that promotes the brand of the product and increases the cost of the network, thereby significantly accelerating the growth engine.

How do TTC tokens work

What can you spend TTC tokens on? How do tokens work? Here are some of the main features:

  • Purchase Announcements
  • Buy emoticons / emojis
  • Buying Chats
  • Send a gift to other users
  • Purchase coupons
  • Send money to other users
  • Start polls
  • Internet content distribution

How does TTC work

TTC Protocol functions as an open platform. Developers can create decentralized applications – Dapps – on this platform. TataUFO is the first decentralized application on the open TTC platform. The application was launched in 2013 and totaled 10 million registered users. The database includes college students in first-level and second-level cities in China.

TataUFO can be described as “Instagram on blockchain”, according to the official site of Content on the platform includes personal moments. Content is distributed over the network. Users are responsible for managing. And the incentive system encourages user participation in the platform.

In general, the TTC Protocol is similar to Steemit: both decentralized networks encourage participation in the social network, rewarding users with digital tokens. TTC specifically compares itself with Steemit on the official website.

The main differences between the TTC Protocol and Steemit are that TTC is regulated by most users (as opposed to the small number of “star users” on Steemit), and that TTC rewards users for contributing personal moments to the platform, and not just for professional, high – Quality content.

How to earn TTC rewards

TTC tokens will be rewarded for social interactions on social networks such as tataUFO. There will be three broad categories of rewards, including all of the following:

  • Content Rewards:
    They are intended for users who create high-quality content, as well as for users who interact with the content to their liking, commenting, sharing or reporting.
  • Reputation Award:
    These awards are intended for users who contribute to the long-term viability of the platform by consistently creating high-quality content and recognizing others. It is intended to reward the positive reputation of the user, thereby encouraging a solid reputation for the entire social network.
  •  Promotional Awards:
    Users who participate in promotions, such as viewing ads, completing surveys, or participating in thematic campaigns, can receive TTC tokens.
    Advertisers will be rewarding the platform. An intelligent contract will then give these tokens to users who participate in a particular advertising campaign or survey.

    Meanwhile, other rewards – rewards for content and reputation – will be issued from a fixed pool of TTC tokens programmed in the smart contract of the TTC protocol.


TTC Protocol is a digital currency that will stimulate participation in a social network. The project is led by a team behind tataUFO, a Chinese social network serving young university students.

TTC will be awarded to users who positively contribute to the tataUFO social network – for example, posting content or uploading comments. This is similar to the Steemit concept, except that TTC will be awarded for genuine social interaction, not just professional articles and videos.

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