Cryptocurrency Project Pai (PAI): overview, prospects


Project Pai (PAI)

Project Pai (PAI) – (Personal Artificial Intelligence) is a blockchain technology that helps in creating a product as well as a service, as it is an openchource blockchain technology. Using the PAI platform, anyone can create their own product to help the PAI ecosystem and improve the platform’s neural network. This gives all users their own privacy and freedom, as it is a decentralized platform for artificial intelligence.

We have entered a new era of artificial intelligence, where we can create intelligent avatars from digital profiles of our behavior on the Internet. We call them personal artificial intelligence or PAI.

How does the PAI project work

Currently, the blockchain ecosystems are based on simple peer-to-peer connections for transactions and management. The PAI platform will integrate artificial intelligence into the blockchain, on top of the typical features found in cryptocurrency blockchains.

However, the inclusion of AI requires expert knowledge, as well as experience in developing an autonomous blockchain protocol with built-in individual AI settings.

The blockchain protocol lays the foundation for the PAI network, a decentralized platform that supports the AI ​​economy. Decentralization denies the possibility of centralized management, and processing activities are distributed throughout the network.

PAI-oriented applications will be built on this platform, while applications will be automatically updated after interacting with the user, after which the blockchain checks and protects information transmitted over the network.

Implementation of the Smart Assign project of the PAI project

  • Permissions and security – users will have full control over how their account is used, with blockchain technology that takes into account security aspects.
  • Track and interoperability – PAI network will be available simultaneously with several dec \u003d vices. Each device will leave a digital footprint on the blockchain,
  • Reputation – Systems will automatically analyze a user’s personal trust account using data obtained from digital traces on the blockchain. This account will be useful when accessing premium features on the PAI network.
  • Identification Proof – Blockchain eliminates the possibility of PAI duplication in the network. In addition, the actions of each Pai are automatically tied to a blockchain.

PAI ecosystem principles

The PAI ecosystem will be built on four key principles, which include:

  • Identical and realistic presentation – in addition to views, PAI will strive to stimulate the behavior and character of its owner.
  • Verification – The blockchain protocol ensures that all PAI profiles are trustworthy.
  • Delegation – PAI may fully act on behalf of the owner, if permission is granted.
  • Cooperation. After creating the PAI, each user joins the PAI network, where they can help improve the effectiveness of these expert systems.

Token PAI Coin

PAI Coin is a bitcoin derivative, and is currently compatible with Bitcoin mining algorithms and has almost the same in terms of technical details. Miners verify the validity of transactions occurring on the blockchain using the Proof of Work (PoW) procedure. When a solution is found, miners receive a PAI coin as compensation. 30% of the maximum amount of 2.1 billion PAI coins will be allocated to miners.

PAI Coin’s maximum margin is 2.1 billion, unlike the maximum number of bitcoins of 21 million. The initial supply of PAI coins will be $ 1.47 billion, with a starting reward of 1,500 PAI coins halving for 210,000 blocks or about every 4 years.


Interesting developments and applications:

  • Virtual assistant
    PAI can perform tasks on your behalf, so you can focus on other places.
  • Healthcare
    PAI is an environment for improving the relationship between patient and doctor and represents you in the field of healthcare.
  • Social network
    PAI offers more ways to express yourself on the Internet and be present in conversations, even if you do not.
  • Entertainment
    PAI enables celebrities and corporate experiences to exist where they previously could not.


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