Cryptocurrency: Cryptonex (CNX) – overview


Cryptonex (CNX)

Cryptonex is a new generation global decentralized cryptocurrency. It is created on its own block platform.
The main goal is to provide the opportunity to instantly exchange any world currencies for any cryptocurrencies and tokens, to buy goods and services using mobile phones and payment cards with a minimum commission.

Today, to make a deposit / withdrawal of funds, it is necessary to use exchange offices or other services (for example, localbitcoins), which charge a fee and take a lot of time to conduct transactions.

There is always a risk of losing money due to an unscrupulous contractor. Withdrawing money is also difficult, and there is no way to pay for cryptocurrencies using a mobile application.

Web wallet

Cryptocurrency owners are tired of waiting for conversion, deposit and withdrawal of funds and fear of losing funds on exchanges.

To solve these problems, Cryptonex has already developed a secure web wallet that allows you to store and convert popular cryptographic codes.

The team began to introduce a mobile application and the ability to work with fiat. Cryptonex is based on the Scrypt encryption algorithm. It protects transactions and wallets from outside hacking. Access can be encrypted; The main thing is to keep the password in a safe place.

Some selected Cryptonex features are implemented by other cryptocurrencies, in particular, Cryptopay and Dash debit cards. However, there is no complete functionality that combines all the main financial flows in a chain anywhere.

Additional income

Are there any great ideas for developing Cryptonex? Share with us and get rewarded.

 PoS mining

Cryptonex offers users profit through PoS mining. The income is 12% per annum + commission from the transaction, which your wallet will confirm. Coin price increases are not included in revenue.

To get a reward from mining, you need to register a web wallet, buy CNX coins, transfer coins to a wallet on a desktop computer and save it on the network for as long as possible.

You no longer need to spend money on miners and video cards. Depending on the balance of the wallet, a fee is charged daily.

Referral program

The team provides a unique opportunity to all users who help Cryptonex
Develop. Send a referral link to your friend and get 20% each.

Your friend buys CNX.
The reward is automatically transferred only if the purchase was made through the back office. Be
Careful when sending referral links!

Bounty is valid if CNX is 90,000,000
Released for free. After that, buying CNX through your account will be
Not available.


Such tools and coin growth prospects along with large-scale financial and technical support for projects will make some cryptocurrency owners think about redistributing their funds in favor of Cryptonex.

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